How To Draft A Financial Funding Proposal For Your Project

Financial Funding Proposal

Most organizations are dependent on either government or donor funding. But in order to get financing, you will have to send a proposal. This is where learning how to write a financial funding proposal can be useful.

If you don’t know how to do this, our step-by-step guide should help you start your proposal. 

Financial Funding Proposal

How to Write a Financial Funding Proposal

A financial funding proposal is a written document that serves as a formal request for funding a certain aspect of the organization. This proposal usually contains the following information:

  • Amount of money requested
  • How will the money be utilized
  • Expected returns
  • Security

The process of drafting financial funding proposals can be learned easily. You just have to make sure to use the proposal as a fundamental management tool. With a proposal in place, you can achieve the following:

  • Write down the facts objectively and clearly
  • Clearly identify products, suppliers, and markets
  • Create a lasting impression
  • Serve as a guideline to measure results
  • Let you see your chances of success

Free Financial Funding Proposal Template

One of the good things about technology is that you don’t have to know how to create a financial funding proposal from scratch. There are several places where you can easily download a template and customize it according to what you need. 

Financial Funding Proposal

What to Include When Writing a Financial Funding Proposal

There are three main things to include when writing the document:

  • Description of the organization
  • Management information
  • Overview of project implementation

You can also follow this structure in your financial funding proposal creation:

Cover page

This part of your proposal should include the title of the proposal, your business name, proposal date, business address, and contact details. 

Executive summary

Since this is the most important part of the proposal, it needs to catch the attention of your reader. Just like its name suggests, it is an overview of the entire plan. It helps decision-makers get a quick look into your proposal and see whether it interests them. 

Even though this is in one of the first pages of the document, it is actually written at the very end so that the whole essence of the plan can be summarized. 

Organizational overview

The next section of your proposal should include the following information:

  • Your organization’s background, goal, purpose
  • Services and products offered
  • Achievements and track record
  • Contactable references
  • Core funders/donors
  • Management information and structure
  • Organization chart

Project details

Next, you will proceed with the project details. Include what your overall goal is and state the purpose of the project. Don’t forget to include specific objectives that need to be done to implement the project.  

Implementation plan and budget

Your proposal should also include your implementation plan and budget. Some of the things you need to identify in this section include the following:

  • Work plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Organizations and partnerships
  • Project communication strategy
  • Evaluation
  • Project timelines
  • Budget 

After completing the proposal, you can proofread it to make sure it contains the correct information that will help get your financial funding request approved.

Financial Funding Proposal

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Financial Funding Proposal

It’s important that your proposal gets approved by the right people. In order to do that, we’ve put together some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when writing a proposal:
Don’t forget to customize your proposal

Whether you decide to write the proposal from scratch or use a template, you should always customize it. A proposal should never be a “one proposal fits all.” Make sure you research the funding agency to know how to draft a financial funding proposal that fits their agency. 

Stuff your proposal with irrelevant information

Only include relevant information that your potential stakeholders are able to relate to. Your proposal should include information relevant to the project and not something else. 

Leave out information that your donor is entitled to

Since you are requesting funding for the project, you will need to provide the right information so that it can get approved. Add any financial information that will be relevant to getting your proposal approved. 

Bombard the reader with so much documentation

While it’s good that you provide the appropriate information to your reader, you should also avoid bombarding them with so much documentation that they decide to give up.

Assume that he knows you

You should always include an introduction at the start of your proposal. Even if you personally know the donor, it’s still a good practice to make a formal introduction at the beginning of your proposal.  

How Fill Can Help Write a Financial Funding Proposal

There are plenty of tools you can use to write a proposal. But to help you save time and energy in drafting one, you can use a financial funding proposal template. Just remember to customize the template with the information relevant to your project. 

Apart from customizable templates, we have an online signature tool that you can use to sign documents on the go. Sign up for a free Fill account to start using our tools today. 

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