How To Write Product Marketing Proposal: Step-By-Step-Guide and Free Template

Product Marketing Proposal

Businesses have to sell their products, generate revenues, and log a profit to continue to exist. But with a high level of competition, they would need to market their product properly to attract buyers.

This is where product marketing can help. If you offer this kind of service and are looking to help businesses succeed, it’s important to know how to write a product marketing proposal.

In this post, we’ll deliver a step-by-step guide on how to do just that. We’ll even give you a free template so that you can get started on drafting a product marketing proposal. Let’s get to it!

How to Write a Product Marketing Proposal

The key to effective product marketing proposal creation is in knowing what solution to offer that makes sense for the client’s needs. In other words, you can’t just adopt a one-size-fits-all approach when preparing your proposal. But you can follow certain steps to land a better chance of winning that contract.

1. Study your client’s industry

Businesses come in all types, and so are the products they offer. So before you start writing a product marketing proposal, think long and hard about the industry you’re starting to target.

One advantage of this is that you can have a better grasp of the verbiage related to that industry. Choosing the right terminology allows you to connect better with your clients, gaining their trust faster.

More importantly, studying your client and their product allows you to come up with better marketing strategies tailored to their exact requirements. That should give them the edge to beat their competitors.

2. Identify your client’s need

Cut to the chase by stating your client’s product-related need. You can do a brief situational analysis of your client’s product and in the process, identify its strengths and weaknesses, while also pointing out potential opportunities and threats.

It’s best if you can support your statement with relevant facts. But be careful – make sure your stats are up-to-date and come from reliable sources.

Product Marketing Proposal

3. State your objectives and strategy clearly

Remember that businesses always know their products best, so if you offer a strategy that’s off, they will know right away.

But if they’re open to a new strategy they haven’t tried before, it’s your job to make them understand how your idea can work for their product. So again, clarity is a priority.

It helps immensely if you support your strategy with well-thought-out objectives. And when setting goals, go for measurable results instead of broad targets.

4. Outline your solution

Writing a product marketing proposal wouldn’t be complete without outlining your proposed solution to your client’s need.

The more detailed you get, the more persuasive your proposal will be. But you also need to remember that information overload might do some harm. So review your solutions carefully.

After proposing your solution, you need to inspire confidence to get the contract. Take this opportunity to highlight your skills and experience. Mention similar projects from your track record that were successful.

But don’t just offer promises. Enumerate your capabilities and list the strategies you’ll execute to achieve the product marketing campaign.

5. Set Your Terms

List your terms and conditions for the product marketing project. You might have to use legal terms for purposes of clarity.

Establishing terms and conditions means that you’re serious about the proposed business relationship and that you respect all the rights of every party involved. More importantly, it should prevent future misunderstandings.

Download the Free Product Marketing Proposal

Start your product marketing proposal using this free template from Fill. To get this template, you only need to sign up for a free account.

Product Marketing Proposal

What Are the Crucial Elements of a Product Marketing Proposal

When learning how to create a product marketing proposal, you can do no wrong if you follow a proven structure. To help you out, here are the essential elements that you should include in your product marketing proposal.

About Us

Start by formally introducing yourself or your company. Please don’t take too long with this section. One or two paragraphs will do.

Important things to include are your overall experience and your specialty (or the services you offer).

Executive Summary

Get the ball rolling with an executive summary. You can state the problem or your client’s need right here.

You can follow it up with the Opportunity section. This is where you begin introducing your idea or solution. To be more effective, you can include supporting facts and figures and even use diagrams, charts, and tables.

Product Marketing Proposal

Solution / Proposal

Having laid out the facts in the previous section, it’s time to offer your solution.

In stating your proposal, make sure to back it up with clearly defined targets and objectives. 

It would be best if you can include a section for Metrics. This is where you define the results you want to achieve and the metrics for measuring those results.


This section should be self-explanatory. But always review this part to make sure it is consistent with your business model.

Terms and Conditions and Acceptance

The Terms and Conditions establish the rules for the business partnership. You can specify conditions for payment, deliverables, deadlines, copyright protection, and contract termination.

As for the Acceptance section, this is where your client can sign their approval of your proposal.

How Fill Can Help Write a Product Marketing Proposal

Now that you know how to draft a product marketing proposal, go ahead and put your learnings into practice.

Grab a free product marketing proposal template from Fill today! All you need to do is sign up for a free account.

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