How To Write A Budget Proposal: Tips for Newbies and Startups

budget proposal

Having a great idea shouldn’t end there. You should do your best to have it approved with financial support. You can achieve this by learning how to write a budget proposal. By having a well-prepared document, you can secure financing for your idea. 

This article will help you learn how to create a proposal, especially if you don’t know how to create one. 

budget proposal

How to Create a Budget Proposal

A budget proposal is a formal document that outlines the estimated costs needed to complete a project. By writing one, you’ll be able to let stakeholders consider the costs and see whether investing in your project will make sense for them. 

The first thing you need to know about writing a proposal is that it should be concise and efficient. Here are some ways a well-prepared form can help your project:

  • Establish goals and timelines. The document will serve as the blueprint for project managers to understand your project better. It should come with a clear overview of the project and its goals. This way, you can establish objectives and avoid missed deadlines.
  • Promote effective collaboration and communication. Your proposal should include detailed information regarding the budget so that there is no room for any potential misunderstandings.
  • Manage costs. This form tells stakeholders how much they must prepare to fund the project. It allows them to effectively manage costs and ensure the project doesn’t exceed the budget.
  • Forecasts potential profit. The proposal also allows stakeholders to look into the project’s financial viability. Due to the information provided in the proposal, they can make informed decisions. 

Download a Customizable Template

You don’t need to learn how to draft a budget proposal from scratch. The best way you can save time is to download a template that you can easily customize according to what you need. 

Budget Proposal

What to Include When Writing a Budget Proposal

Since you will need to show stakeholders this piece of paper, you need to ensure it contains all the important information they need. And typical proposals include the following:

Project name and goal

This first part of the document is your elevator pitch. You will need to provide essential information like the project name, the relevance of the project, and what its impact will be. 

This section of the document will allow your stakeholders to understand your project before seeing the budget. 

Budget summary

The next section should summarize the cost elements that the project will incur. Since this is a summary page, you should only include an overview of the different expenses that will be included in the project.

Cost breakdown

The previous part of writing a budget proposal is a summary of the cost. In the succeeding section, you must break down the cost into phases, tasks, and activities. Doing so gives you smaller budgets and easier goals to meet. 

Project timeline

Your stakeholders also need to have an idea of what to expect on the progress of the project. By including a project timeline in the proposal, you can have a clear and chronological outline that explains the progress of the project.

Project budget tracking

You must provide your stakeholders with a progress report supported by data. This way, you can keep them up-to-date throughout the project. 

In this section, you can include information on a dedicated team member who will be assigned as the project financial controller. 

Acceptance form

In your budget proposal creation process, you must include space for acceptance. This is simply a page your stakeholders can sign once they are satisfied and ready to proceed with the project. 

budget proposal

Best Practices When Drafting a Budget Proposal

When trying to write the proposal, you must prepare the document carefully and accurately. Since the record contains numbers, you must make the document look less intimidating. 

Here are some of our best practices for writing the document:

  • Ensure you have the correct numbers. It should contain accurate numbers needed for the project estimates.
  • Check it twice. Before submitting your document, ensure you have checked the budget’s math more than once. If you’re in doubt, you can have someone check it so that you can be sure of its accuracy.
  • Include everything. The document should include every cost you might incur in your project, including transportation and salaries. These things should be part of the budget, so you don’t have to request extra funding that was not originally part of the proposal.
  • Have someone proofread the budget. Your budget needs to be proofread, not just your project proposal. Hire someone who can look at the whole proposal as a stakeholder and not as an employee before submitting it. 

How Fill Can Help in Drafting Your Budget Proposal

Writing the proposal should not take you a lot of time. Thankfully, there are now templates that you can use to help make the proposal easily. Make sure the template has been customized and proofread according to your project. 

Register for a free Fill account to start using our template and get access to online signature tools too. 

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