How to Create a Human Resource Proposal to Showcase Yourself

Human Resource Proposal

In any business, the secret to landing a client is by sending out a proposal. If you offer third-party HR services to companies, knowing how to draft a human resource proposal is a must. But how do you do that? How do you create a strong proposal that will help you land clients? 

We’ve put together a guide on writing your proposal as well as best tips and strategies that can help you. Keep reading for more useful tips. 

Human Resource Proposal

How to Write a Human Resource Proposal

A human resource proposal is a document that you can use to request an external HR team for your business. This way, you can allocate your staff members to other more important aspects in the business.

Now that you’re ready to draft your proposal, you will need to do the following:

Create a stunning cover page

First impressions are important. This is why you need to make sure your proposal comes with an attractive cover. This is the first thing that your potential client sees, so you have to make it matter.

Write a striking introduction

The next step is to introduce yourself. In this section of the proposal, you will need to discuss your services. You will need to provide a brief message that makes you stand out from other providers in your field.

Discuss your processes and timeline

When you’re drafting a human resource proposal, you need to include the different processes you can offer. At the same time, put into writing your timeline to make it official. 

Offer past feedback

If you have already received some feedback from previous clients, you can offer it in the proposal too. This will let your potential clients know how trustworthy you are to do the job. 

Outline your pricing

Lastly, your proposal should include details regarding your pricing. You can discuss whether you’re comfortable charging clients by the hour or as a monthly package. If you have other service add-ons, you can include them in the document as well.

Use a Human Resource Proposal Template

By having a proposal document in place, you can formally offer your services as a third-party provider. The good news is you can easily achieve this with a template. It can save you time in writing the document whenever you need to submit one.

Human Resource Proposal

When Do You Need an HR Proposal ?

You might need to convince a client or your boss to outsource some or all HR services or functions. When this happens, you will need to write a proposal to make the request an official one. 

But what are the reasons an HR proposal is needed? Here are the common instances:

New business partnerships

When a business enters into a new partnership or merger, the HR functions need to be outsourced. This is necessary for the continuity of operations and consistency can be practiced in the new entity. 

Cost reduction initiatives

Another reason a company may require outsourcing this role is to reduce overhead expenses in having an in-house HR team. If this is the case, the proposal you write should detail how you can help them save money.

Insufficient HR expertise

If you are dealing with a smaller organization, their in-house HR team may not be equipped with enough expertise. It’s possible that their team lacks the ability to handle complex HR functions yet. This is where you step into the picture.

Scalability needs

Companies that experience rapid growth in their workforce will also require the service of an external HR personnel. You can start writing a human resource proposal to offer your services to the business.  

Human Resource Proposal

Best Tips and Strategies

Learning how to create a human resource proposal is much easier than you think. Of course, having a customizable template can help you out with that too. But when writing one, you will need to follow these tips:

Address the client’s needs

Before sending out a proposal, research as much as you can about your potential client. Know what their pain points are so you can address these directly.

Show your expertise

As a third-party provider, you have to make sure that you are well-versed in what you are offering. Don’t offer something you have no expertise in.

Be professional

Even if you are simply sending out a proposal, you have to stay professional in the letter. This will give potential clients an idea of how well you provide your service

How Fill Can Help Create Your Human Resource Proposal

One of the best things about using Fill for your human resource proposal creation process is using a template. Through this, you can save time and energy in writing the document from scratch. 

More importantly, Fill allows potential clients to sign the document directly through the platform. This helps streamline the process and make it faster for both parties. Sign up for a free account to get started. 

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