How To Create Copywriting Proposal: Win in Your Business

copywriting proposal

Everybody needs copywriters. But with so many individuals able to craft a story these days, it’s hard to break into the industry. If you are a new copywriter, you need to find a way to get in touch with prospective clients. The trick here is to know how to draft copywriting proposals.

If this is something you’ve never done, this article will teach you how to write one. Let’s dive in.

What Does a Copywriting Proposal Do?

A copywriting proposal helps you land clients. This is your way of reaching out to prospective clients after seeing a job opening online. Once you have crafted the proposal, the company will reach out to negotiate the role with you.

Instead of discussing your services with the prospective client, you can simply send them a proposal. This eliminates the need to go back and forth in negotiating your services. 

copywriting proposal

How to Create Copywriting Proposal: What You Need to Include

Knowing this, it’s important that you know what to include in the document. You’ll need to showcase your skills and capabilities to help potential clients take notice of you. 

To write a powerful document, you will need to follow these tips:

1. Know what the client is looking for

The first thing you need to do is to understand what the client is expecting from his copywriter. In your proposal, make sure to include the different writing methods and the costs. Talk about how these will help him achieve his goals.

2. Come up with a solution

Once you have identified his pain points, your next task is to design a solution that addresses these. If you can, express the idea in numbers so he knows what to expect. 

3. Close the deal

When you have a winning proposal, you can easily close deals and be on the same page with your client. If there are some modifications he requests, you can compromise, depending on your skillset and his budget.

Remember: you are an expert in copywriting. Your proposal should be strong enough to convert prospective clients. This is one way you know you are effective at your job. 

Free Copywriting Proposal Template

Drafting a copywriting proposal whenever you submit one. The trick here is to use a template that you can customize with the information you provide.

A template will be your best friend, so make sure you have a powerful document that helps you win clients.

Copywriting Proposal

How Fill Can Help With Your Copywriting Proposal

Gone are the days when you needed to create a new proposal from scratch. Thanks to Fill, you can pick the document you need from their template gallery and easily customize it.

Aside from a template, you can collaborate with your team members remotely. Create an account at Fill to start seeing results in your proposal. 

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