How to create a Graphic design contract [template inside]

A graphic design agreement includes two parties, the graphic designers and the clients. Many information services and top businesses need this service. A graphic designer creates everything from a business card to a website. Graphic design is a visual communication process with a creative approach. It is a process of creative communication through artwork. Graphic designers provide their services to many businesses in exchange for a fee. Graphic designers offer work in collaboration with the clients in larger terms. They can also work individually as freelancers.

There must be a formal contract between the client and the freelance graphic designer.

It is an agreement where the two parties have to agree to the terms and conditions between them. Some clauses are also included in such agreements i.e the time period,purpose of the work, choice of law and venue. This agreement can be used in any graphic design contract template.

In this document, some basic information about the clients will be given such as name, address, works and other details. Afterward, the pricing information and deadlines will be set.

After completing this entire procedure both parties can keep a copy.

Applicable laws

Graphic design contract completely depends on the individual state laws and commercial contract principles.

A detailed description of the work

The graphic design work should be well defined, specific, and as detailed as possible.

Content production and intellectual property are the two keys to getting a client.

Good communication and understanding are the two essentials to any working relationship. Here the client and the creative partner should have a clear idea about the timeline upon which the work will be done. The clients provide a schedule and the creative partner gives an idea of when the client will receive drafts and final work.

Payment details

The process of payment completely depends on the graphic designers. Some designers charge by project scope, while the others charge hourly. The latter one is considered to be better when it comes to do something basic like designing a business card for a client. But in long-term works charging by projects is better as it can take more than a day or two to be completed.

The clients normally pay the designer 50% of the total cost before the designer begins the work. The remaining 50% will be paid after the work is completed

Copyright ownership

Copyright ownership is really important. This should be specified in the contract where and how a client can use a graphic designer’s work and for how long. The graphic designer can specify in the graphic designing contract to use this particular work for promotional purposes. This would enable the designer to display the work in his/her portfolio(unless a nondisclosure agreement is signed)


The designer should be credited for his piece of art.


The agreement should be beneficial to both the graphic designer and the client and to their respective representatives.

Graphic design contract templates of legal documents

Terms and conditions for the website

Privacy policy

Non Disclosure Agreement

Copyright assignment

Intellectual Property Permission letter

Intellectual Property Permission Form

Intellectual Property Cease letter

Termination clauses

It is considered to be wise to mention in contract that either client and the graphic designer can terminate the project at anytime. The designer can set the parameters for termination.If the client decides to terminate the project before the stipulated date,he/she is still bound to pay the designer in full.As further protection,the designer can create a buffer between the date the designer or the client wish to cancel when the actual contract terminates.

A solid graphic design contract looks after a designer’s work,credibility and gives an opportunity to display creativity and thus helps to build own business.

Graphic design agreement

1.Description of service: The graphic designer has to make sure that the work is completely original and plagiarism-free. As a work made for hire the work will be the intellectual property of the client. The client is asked not to use the work for any other purpose

2.Expenses and fees

3.The designer will bill the client through an invoicing system

4.The designers and the clients, both are responsible to pay all the federal, state and local taxes applied to them.

5.All the works must be completed by the final delivery date

6.The client must agree that the work can be used for limited purposes only as per the agreement. If the client uses the work for any further purpose, the designer is free to take legal actions, including an action for intellectual property infringement.

7.Designers should be free to take up new projects without regard to the client. Designers do not need any approval of the client for taking up new projects.

8.Both the parties may terminate this agreement before the prior date only by giving notice.

9.Designer and client should defend each other and hold the other harmless from all the damages.

10.In case of any dispute between the parties ,the parties can submit the dispute to binding arbitration. The country and its state governing law shall conduct the arbitration.

11.All the notices must be delivered by email.

12.After going through all the above-listed terms and conditions both the parties agree to work together.

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