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According to the Harvard Business Review, an office worker spends more than two hours reading and responding to emails. These include notifications that are automatically sent by apps. Say you’ve sent a signature request for an urgent document. How can you ensure that the email reminder for your request doesn’t get lost in the shuffle?

At Fill, we understand that you want to catch your customer’s attention without becoming a nuisance. Thanks to our latest feature, custom branding, you can do this effortlessly for all your email notifications. It’s an easy way to make a striking impression on your subscribers.

What Is Custom Branding?

Custom branding refers to creating a distinct visual identity for a company or product. The process involves crafting a unique name, logo, tagline, and other visual elements. It also includes developing a brand strategy, messaging, and positioning.

Custom branding aims to make a company or product stand out from the competition and build awareness in the market. One method is attaching your company logo to your emails so recipients can quickly identify your message.

How Does Custom Branding Work on Fill?

With this feature, you can add a company logo, change the color scheme of call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and edit the footer in email notifications.

Once you’re logged in as a Pro user, setting up custom branding on the web dashboard is pretty straightforward.

Here’s how you can tailor each part of your email notification:

  1. Go to Fill and log in to your online dashboard.
  2. On the left panel, look for the Custom Branding option under Tools.
  3. Click on it and select Change Logo. You may upload a PNG or JPG file.
  4. Set your preferred button color.
  5. Edit the email footer to match your company’s theme.
  6. Preview the changes and click Save.

Let’s look at each step in detail:

Upload and crop a logo

1. On the left panel, click the Custom Branding option. It has a palette icon on the side.


2. A window will pop up and show the branding settings. To upload your company logo, click Change Logo.


3. Drag and drop the logo in PNG or JPG format to the upload box. Another window will pop up that lets you crop the image or adjust its size.

4. Click Save when you’re finished.

Displaying your logo helps recipients immediately identify that the request is coming from your company.

Note: If you don’t upload an image, they will see Fill’s logo instead.

Change the colors of the CTA button

  1. Click the Primary color box. This will show up in the email notification. Simply enter the hex code (e.g., #9700DA – violet), use the RGBA color picker, or move the slider to select the color that matches your branding.
  2. Fill automatically saves your selected color. You may also see the changes in the Preview box next to it.
  3. You can also change the color of the text so that it is in stark contrast with the rest of the CTA button. To ensure readability, match a dark background with a lighter text color and vice versa.

Add text to the email footer

Lastly, you can add custom text to the email footer. This can be anything from a personalized message to your company’s mission statement and contact information.

  1. Drag your mouse to the Email footer text field.
  2. There is no limit on the character count. However, a compelling short description is highly recommended.
  3. You will see the changes in real time on the right side under Preview. Click Save once you’re done.

The footer is the last thing your recipient will see. If designed well, it can go a long way toward boosting brand recognition and recall.

5 Benefits of Using Customized Emails

1. Stand out in a crowded inbox

Did you know you only have 8.25 seconds to catch someone’s attention? With so many businesses vying for customers’ time, it can be difficult to make your message stand out. However, by including customization in your email, you can increase the chances that your email will be noticed and read.

2. Build and strengthen customer relationships

By taking the time to personalize your emails, you can show your customers that you value them as individuals. This can help build trust and loyalty, which are essential for any successful business relationship.

3. Increase your sales

Most customers will engage with a brand if they receive a personalized message. When customers feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to do business with you. That’s a surefire way to encourage them to buy your products or choose your services again and again.

4. Collect valuable information

You can learn more about customer needs and preferences by including forms or surveys in your emails. When there’s trust and transparency, most customers are willing to share data with brands. In return, brands can use the information to improve their products or services and better meet customer needs.

5. Save time and improve efficiency

Email automation tools allow you to send custom emails without spending hours creating individualized messages for each customer. This can free up your time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

FAQs on Fill’s Custom Branding

Is custom branding available to all users?

This feature is only available to Pro users. If you’re using a free account, you can always upgrade anytime.

Where can I preview the changes after customizing my email notification?

Fill shows you a Preview of the changes as you edit. You may also send a test email to see how the customizations will look like on a mobile device, tablet, or web browser.

I can’t see the logo after uploading my image. What should I do?

Make sure your logo is in PNG or JPG format. Before uploading the image, ensure the file name ends in .png or .jpg. It should also be scaled to 200 x 50 pixels.

Make Sure Your Emails Get Noticed With Custom Branding

Ready to try our custom branding on your next round of document requests? Download the Fill app now and go over to the Brand settings to start.

Krisette Lim

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