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Remove passwords from PDF files for easy editing.

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How to unlock PDF with Password

Unlock a password-protected PDF with Fill in simple steps


Click on Select Files or drag and drop the PDF file you unlock

Enter Password

Enter the correct password to the PDF and submit for confirmation.

Save to Unlock

Once you save, your PDF will be unlocked and downloaded to your device.

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Unlock PDF to Edit

Since passwords in PDFs can be an obstacle when you need to make edits, unlock the PDF for easy editing. Whether correcting a typo or updating information, unlocking the PDF allows you to modify the content as needed.

Seamlessly Collaborate

Collaboration on password-protected PDF documents can be a hassle, as not everyone may have the password. Removing the password promotes smooth teamwork, allowing colleagues to work on the document without restrictions.

Enhance TIFF File Shareability

Unlock PDF for Printing

Password protection often restricts printing, which can be inconvenient if you need hard copies. Removing the password ensures you can easily print the document anytime.

Copy Content with Ease

Passwords can prevent you from copying text and images from a PDF. Unlock the PDF to copy content and use it in other documents or applications.

Enhance TIFF File Shareability
Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot unlock a PDF without the password. you must first figure out the password from the sender of the PDF and use a tool like Fill to unlock it using the given password.

When a PDF is locked, you need to unlock it to be able to edit or modify the document.

To do this, you need a free PDF unlocking tool like Fill.

Simply upload the PDF and enter the password used to lock it and your unlocked PDF will be saved to your device and you can easily edit them on Fill