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Convert PDF to Excel for free without installing software.

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How to Open a PDF in PowerPoint

Turn your PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets for free online with these straightforward steps.


Click on Select Files or drag and drop the PDF file you want to convert into xlsx.


Your file will be converted and saved on your PC and you can open it as a spreadsheet.

PDF to Excel

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Convert your PDF to Excel using Fill’s conversion tool to save time and enhance the accuracy of your data input. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry process and boost your workflow efficiency.

Beyond PDF to Excel

Fill is an all-in-one document conversion tool that allows users to convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets and other file formats like JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, TIFF to PDF, and more, making it a versatile tool for various document conversion needs.


Enhance TIFF File Shareability

Secure and Compliant

Fill strictly adheres to HIPAA and GLBA regulations, and we’re fully transparent about how we handle your files. Our encrypted software ensures your sensitive data remains protected throughout the conversion process.

Free and Easy to Use

Effortlessly convert PDFs to Excel for free, accessible from any device. Our user-friendly process is as simple as uploading your PDF and downloading the converted Excel file – designed for everyone’s convenience.

Enhance TIFF File Shareability
Enhance TIFF File Shareability

Streamlined Data Extraction

Working with tabular data in PDFs has never been simpler. Fill provides an intuitive interface for extracting data and importing it into Excel. Your team will love how quick and hassle-free it is to jump into Excel projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

To import a table from a PDF into your Excel app, you need to first convert the PDF file containing the table into an xlsx format.

This file format allows your Excel app read the content of the file and you can now use the table as a spreadsheet like you want.

Looking for a tool to help you with the conversion? Fill is a good option to try.

It is free and easy to use without installation or signup.

Yes, Fill is a free PDF to Excel converter.

You don’t need to sign up, install a software or enter any details.

Simply upload and convert your PDF to Excel.