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Real Estate Apartment Sales Contract: Free Template

Stepping into the realm of property investment? Then you’ve probably stumbled upon the term ‘real estate apartment sales contract.’ It’s not just another piece of paperwork. It’s the written agreement that records the promise of a seller to sell their property and a buyer’s promise to purchase under specific terms and conditions.

Why all the hype about it, you ask? A well-drafted real estate apartment sales contract is your safety net. It ensures no unforeseen surprises disrupt your path to property ownership. It’s like a tour guide in the bustling marketplace of real estate apartment sales, leading the way and keeping you safe.

But if the thought of drafting such an important document is overwhelming, we’ve got your back. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive and editable real estate apartment sales agreement template that fits like a glove. Forget legal jargon or the fear of missing out on crucial details. We got you!

real estate apartment sales contract template

What Is a Real Estate Apartment Sales Contract?

A real estate apartment sales contract is your map in the world of property transactions. It’s a legal document that meticulously spells out the terms and conditions of an apartment sale. It goes beyond just setting the price and closing date; it covers everything from contingencies to terms of violation.

  • Parties involved. A real estate apartment sales contract is like a formal handshake between the buyer and the seller. It notes down everyone’s full legal names, making sure they’re all accountable.
  • Property description. Think of this section as your apartment’s biography. It mentions the nitty-gritty, from the apartment’s physical address to its legal description and even any appliances or fixtures that are included in the sale.
  • Purchase price. The contract doesn’t shy away from numbers. It clearly states the price both parties agreed upon for the apartment. This price usually comes from previous appraisals or negotiations. The contract also outlines how the payment will be completed, including the down payment, financing details, and when the remaining payment is due.
  • Closing date. The closing date is a big deal. It’s the day the apartment officially becomes someone else’s property. The closing date is also a point of negotiation and can affect the final purchase price. It’s the finish line for all those prerequisites we call contingencies.
  • Contingencies. Contingencies are your ‘what if’ scenarios. They’re conditions that need to be met before the sale can proceed. These could include a successful home inspection, approval of financing, or the sale of the buyer’s previous home. For instance, if a home inspection uncovers a major issue, like a bad foundation, the buyer can call for repairs, adjust their offer, or even choose to walk away from the deal without any penalties.
  • Terms. The contract also acts as a rule book, stating what happens if either party fails to keep their promises. If the buyer gets cold feet without a valid reason, they might have to say goodbye to their earnest deposit. On the other hand, if the seller doesn’t stick to their part of the deal, like making agreed-upon repairs, they could be in for legal trouble.

All these elements work together like gears in a machine, ensuring the property sale goes smoothly and keeping both buyer and seller informed and protected every step.

Why Use a Real Estate Apartment Sales Contract

Asking why to use a real estate apartment sales contract is akin to asking why one needs a recipe while cooking an elaborate meal. This essential document ensures everything goes smoothly, and all parties are protected during the property transaction.

Here’s what makes a real estate apartment sales contract indispensable.


One of the most significant features of a real estate apartment sales contract is that it leaves no room for ambiguity. It clearly defines who will pay for what and what happens if someone doesn’t keep their end of the deal. For example, the contract will clearly state if the buyer or the seller is responsible for closing costs. This level of detail helps keep the sale process smooth.

Legal protection

The real estate apartment sales proposal can serve as a protective shield. The document can aid mediation when disagreements or disputes occur during the transaction. Let’s say the seller changes their mind after signing the contract and wants to back out of the deal. The buyer can use the contract as a legal tool to enforce the agreed terms or even seek damages if needed.


Think of the real estate apartment sales contract as the diary of the transaction process. It’s the official record of the agreement, capturing all the terms, conditions, and promises made. This includes even minor details, like if the seller promised to leave the chandeliers or repaint the walls before the sale. Having a detailed record can be invaluable if any disputes arise.

Advantages of Having a Real Estate Apartment Sales Contract


Everything is laid out in black and white, which leaves no room for confusion or disputes.


It guides the entire sales process, ensuring all legal requirements are met.


It provides security to both parties that the sale will proceed as agreed.

Mitigates risk

It reduces the risk of potential disputes or misunderstandings in the future.

FAQ About Real Estate Apartment Sales Contracts

This document is a legal agreement that sets down all the ins and outs of the apartment sales and purchase deal – what the price is, a detailed description of the property, what the buyer and seller each need to do, and any terms or conditions that need to be sorted out before the sale goes through.
If a condition in the contract isn’t met, it often gives a way out for the buyer or the seller. For instance, if a home inspection turns up big issues, the buyer might be able to walk away. Or, if the seller can’t fulfill their promises, like making repairs, they might owe the buyer compensation. Basically, the contract sets the rules to make sure everything is above board.

There are three easy methods. You can pop it in the mail or send it via fax. You can hand it over yourself if you’d like a personal touch. But most folks these days go digital. Sending it electronically is quick; it lets the recipient sign it electronically, and they can zip it back to you in no time. Read more about Fill to enable this method!

Once a contract has been signed and is held in escrow, the apartment purchaser will have to comply with the obligations outlined on the forms. Those who want to back away from the contract may have several alternatives: If a seller cannot legally withdraw from the contract and refuse to carry out the sale, a lawyer will have to appeal to the court.

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