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Lease Agreement – Residential

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Residential lease agreement

As the name suggests, this agreement is created for a residential property between a landlord that rents a property to a tenant in exchange for monthly payments. USually this before creating this agreement, first month’s rent and a security deposit are required. After execution of the agreement, the tenant is given occupancy of the property and the agreement is legally binding until the end date.

residential lease agreement template

Why is a Residential lease agreement important?

This legal document helps cement the formal relationship between the lessor and the lessee and ensures that both parties are on the same page with respect to the terms and conditions of the lease. It is a legal contract, as well as an immensely practical document full of crucial business details, such as how long the tenant can occupy the property and the amount of rent due each month.

When Do you Need A Residential lease agreement?

Rent agrees with the tenant to use an asset/property for a certain period. Usually, a leasing contract is signed for the long term. The rental agreement is signed for a short time. Leasing contracts are based on accounting standard 19 (AS-19)
state the type of property

State the type of property

Start your Rental Agreement by selecting the type of rental property, such as a: Bungalow Flat Room Row house

set the length of the rental agreement

Set the length of the Rental Agreement

State when the Rental Agreement will start and end. You can choose to create a fixed-term lease or an automatic renewal lease.

outline details about the property

Outline details about the property

Provide as many details as you have available in your Rental Agreement, including the property’s address and whether the property is furnished. If possible, attach photos of the property and include any additional details relevant to the agreement.

provide the parties information landlord tenant occupants guarantor and property manager

Provide the parties’ information : Landlord, Tenant, Occupants, Guarantor and Property manager.

Provide the names and phone numbers of all the parties involved in the Rental Agreement:

FAQ About Our Residential lease agreement Template

Rental lease agreement violations are not uncommon. Here are the most common violations and how you should handle them. Long-Term Guests. Unauthorized Pets. Unpaid Rent. Property Damages. Commercial Use of Property or Unit.

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