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Lease Agreement – Commercial

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Commercial Lease Agreement

A commercial lease agreement allows a landlord lease a commercial property, like office, shop or factory. The annual rent of the property decided is based on the price per square foot and any triple-net expenses. This agrement is usually done for 5-10 years. The tenants are given options to renew at pre-determined rates.
Commercial Lease Agreement​

Why is a Commercial Lease Agreement​important?

Lease deed is generally required when the property is leased for a long time, ranging between 1-5 years or even for a longer period. In such cases, a lease deed agreement plays an important role in maintaining the relationship between the landlord and the tenant and lays down provisions that legally bind them.

When Do you Need A Commercial Lease Agreement​?

It is legal to stay on a property on rent without actually drafting a written rental agreement. In the absence of a rent agreement, the implied consent/contract is assumed if the owner is collecting the rent every month.
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State the type of commercial property

Start your Commercial Rental Agreement by selecting the type of property. The options include: Building Industrial Office Restaurant Retail store Warehouse

commission agreement template

Select the type of lease

Choose between a standard or comprehensive agreement. The standard version of the commercial lease contains all the essential terms for creating a legally binding contract but doesn’t allow you to revise the standard clauses. Most people only require a standard Commerical Lease Agreement. The comprehensive version is a highly detailed and customisable lease agreement designed for those who need more control over the contract’s wording.

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Provide the parties’ information

Provide the names and phone numbers of all the parties involved in the Commercial Rental Agreement: Landlord: The person or entity who owns the property and allows the use of the space in exchange for rent. Tenant: The person or business who signs the commercial lease and is responsible for paying rent. Guarantor (if applicable): The person liable to the landlord for any breach of the agreement by the tenant. They can’t be a tenant. Property manager (if applicable): The person who deals with the tenant and manages the property on behalf of the landlord, typically in return for a fee.

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Permitted use

Describing the permitted use of the property in the commercial lease helps prevent disputes and confusion over what is considered acceptable use of the property. Determine and outline whether the tenant will have exclusive use and protection from direct competition on the property. A direct competitor is someone who operates a similar business on the same property as the tenant.

FAQ About Our Commercial Lease Agreement​Template

Yes, a Commercial Rental Agreement may be terminated early in certain circumstances. The landlord can break the lease if the tenant breaches the terms and conditions of the commercial lease. While it’s usually preferable that the two parties come together to negotiate a solution to the problem, the landlord has no obligation to do so. A lease can also end if both parties agree to terminate the agreement.

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