WeTransfer vs. TransferNow

The main difference between WeTransfer and TransferNow lies in their security. WeTransfer secures data while it’s being transferred and stored. Meanwhile, TransferNow maintains shared data quality by incorporating a virus scan feature to eliminate harmful files.

Comparing WeTransfer and TransferNow

User Interface and Ease of Use Customization and Branding Compliance Standards Cost
WeTransfer Intuitive design Basic GDPR, Dutch UAVG, ISO 27001, and more Plans starts at $12 a month or $120 a year
TransferNow Very easy for new users to understand Basic GDPR Plans starts at 8 €/month
WeTransfer vs. TransferNow

WeTransfer vs. TransferNow: A Comprehensive Comparison

WeTransfer vs. TransferNow


When comparing TransferNow vs. WeTransfer, security should always be the top priority. Both platforms value the importance of keeping your personal and professional files safe in the cloud.

As a TransferNow alternative, WeTransfer encodes data when it’s moving and when it’s stored. It means no one can sneak a peek at your files without permission. Plus, WeTransfer follows strict European laws for data protection, so you get top-notch security.

The platform provides two-factor authentication for better security and systems to detect potential malware or phishing. Additionally, it has settings for users to password-protect and time-limit their shared files.

TransferNow includes a virus scan feature that eliminates harmful files, maintaining the quality of the data shared. For companies, TransferNow offers enhanced security options like dual-step verification, improved session handling, and Single Sign-On authentication. Moreover, it provides a complete API for incorporating file-sharing functionalities into current systems or applications.

Collaboration Tools

WeTransfer simplifies sharing and collaborating on team projects, making team-wide efforts more cohesive and coordinated​​​​. It gives you one place to handle payments, manage all accounts, and get immediate feedback on work. Plus, it offers shared branding and a personalized team URL to unify your team.

TransferNow is perfect for businesses, offering options to add multiple users, customize the look, receive files, and manage billing. All these can be managed under one admin account. However, it lacks in-depth collaboration features that many people value these days.

When choosing between WeTransfer vs. TransferNow, consider what your team needs.

WeTransfer vs. TransferNow
WeTransfer vs. TransferNow

Reliability and Uptime

WeTransfer has shown consistent performance, boasting perfect uptime in the last 90 days. It suggests that their service, from Pro features to email services, is stable and trustworthy for transferring files.

TransferNow ensures data safety through encryption and offers a global cloud infrastructure for file storage. This approach underlines their commitment to providing a reliable service, focusing on user control and data security during transfers.

Compliance Standards

WeTransfer follows the stringent data protection laws of the European Union, such as the GDPR and the Dutch UAVG. It also has ISO 27001 certification, meaning it keeps your files safe through advanced encryption whether they’re being moved or stored.

TransferNow also follows the GDPR, guaranteeing safe storage and processing of data. It gives businesses the security of knowing they can safely share sensitive files without fearing data leaks.

WeTransfer vs. TransferNow
WeTransfer vs. TransferNow

Integration with Existing Systems

Now, we’ll look at how WeTransfer vs. TransferNow works with your existing systems.

As an alternative to TransferNow, WeTransfer works to simplify and unify different business operations. It uses Celigo’s integration platform to interact with tools such as Amazon S3, PayPal, Stripe, and Salesforce-NetSuite. It demonstrates WeTransfer’s dedication to removing possible inefficiencies and manual interventions, aiding in a smoother and automated operations model.

Unlike WeTransfer, TransferNow doesn’t provide detailed information about its integration capabilities. Most platforms like TransferNow focus on user-friendliness and ease of use. They offer simple file-sharing services without the need for complex system integrations.


WeTransfer has free and Pro options. The free option lets you transfer files up to 2GB, ideal for less frequent use.

The Pro plan costs around $12 a month or $120 a year. It offers more features, including up to 20GB of file transfers and 1TB of cloud storage. Choosing a yearly subscription can lead to up to 33% savings compared to the monthly plan.

TransferNow offers a free option that allows you to send up to 5 GB in a single transfer. It also offers a paid option, priced at 8 €/month. This option allows you to transfer 250 GB at a time and gives you 500 GB overall storage.

A Team plan is also available for 24 €/month. This plan has the same transfer limit but substantially increases storage to 2000 GB.

WeTransfer vs. TransferNow
WeTransfer vs. TransferNow

Customer Support

Let’s compare WeTransfer vs. TransferNow in terms of their customer support department.

WeTransfer offers a well-stocked support section that covers a wide array of topics – everything from getting started to tackling security issues. You can also contact them via a chatbot if you need help finding the help you need within these resources. The WeTransfer support team typically replies within a few hours.

TransferNow makes it simple for users to get help. Their Help center is perfect for all your how-to questions, like sending and receiving large files.

Need to speak to support or sales? Just go to their website and fill out a form describing your issue.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

Next, let’s compare WeTransfer vs TransferNow regarding mobile access and data sovereignty. Both platforms offer mobile access and secure file transfer services, but they have distinct data sovereignty and security approaches.

WeTransfer, which originates from the Netherlands, mainly follows European data protection laws and anticipates users using its platform responsibly and ethically.

On the other hand, TransferNow is based in France. Therefore, it must comply with the strict data protection rules specified by the European Union (EU).

WeTransfer vs. TransferNow

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