WeTransfer vs. WeSendit

The main difference between WeTransfer and WeSendit lies in their focus areas. WeTransfer emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, while WeSendit highlights secure file sharing with advanced privacy protections.

Comparing WeTransfer and WeSendit

  Security User Interface and Ease of Use Customer Support Custom Branding Cost
WeTransfer Simple, Encrypted, Reliable Simple, User-friendly, Efficient Guides, Email Yes From $10 per month
WeSendit Secure, Decentralized, Encrypted Intuitive, Streamlined, Efficient FAQs, Contact Form, Email Yes From $4.90 per month
WeTransfer vs. WeSendit

WeTransfer vs. WeSendit: Unveiling the Key Differences

WeTransfer vs. WeSendit

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of WeTransfer varies depending on the plan you choose. The free plan comes with a storage limit of 3 GB. For more extensive storage needs, WeTransfer Pro offers up to 1 TB of cloud storage.

As an alternative to WeTransfer, WeSendit offers 5 GB of storage for basic usage. Additionally, there are options for upgrading storage as part of different pricing plans. These cater to various user needs for secure file transfer and decentralized storage solutions.


WeTransfer incorporates TLS encryption for data in transit, AES-256 encryption for data at rest, and optional password protection for added security. While the platform ensures a high level of data protection, it does not feature end-to-end encryption.

On the other hand, WeSendit utilizes sophisticated encryption methods to protect data both during its transfer and while it is stored. Moreover, WeSendit uses Web3 technology, including smart contracts and blockchain. These further enhance its data security capabilities.

WeTransfer vs. WeSendit
WeTransfer vs. WeSendit

Compliance Standards

WeTransfer is certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. Furthermore, WeTransfer’s practices comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Dutch UAVG (the Dutch implementation of GDPR). However, it is not compliant with other regulations like the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

A WeTransfer alternative, WeSendit, also aligns with the GDPR, ensuring a high level of personal data protection as required by this comprehensive EU data privacy law. However, it’s important to note that WeSendit’s services are not designed for financial regulations or health information protection acts.

Integration with Existing Systems

WeTransfer offers integration capabilities with existing systems. This is done through its partnership with Mozilla for seamless file sharing within the Thunderbird email client and through its embed feature. Although WeTransfer retired its public API, the platform continues to seek and implement ways to make file sharing more accessible and integrated with other services and platforms.

Meanwhile, WeSendit offers integration through platforms like Appy Pie, an AI-driven platform that supports connections with over 1000 apps. Additionally, WeSendit provides a widget for direct file transfer capabilities from a user’s own website. The platform’s approach to integration is part of its broader strategy to offer secure and user-friendly file transfer and storage solutions.

WeTransfer vs. WeSendit
WeTransfer vs. WeSendit

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

WeTransfer offers mobile access through its applications, which are available on iOS and Android platforms. Regarding data sovereignty, WeTransfer ensures the security and privacy of the data shared through its service. The platform has measures in place to protect personal information provided by users, including contact information such as names and email addresses.

WeSendit also offers mobile access, allowing users to share and manage files conveniently from their smartphones or tablets. Moreover, the platform’s commitment to protecting user data is evident in its privacy policy. It outlines the processing operations performed on personal data, including collection, storage, use, alteration, disclosure, and erasure.

Customer Support

WeTransfer users can submit requests for assistance through WeTransfer’s support page, which allows them to specify the nature of their query or issue for more directed help.

Additionally, WeTransfer has a troubleshooting section on its support website to address common problems users might encounter. For more direct communication, WeTransfer’s consultancy services are available via phone.

Conversely, WeSendit users can contact the support team via email or use the “Talk to an Expert” feature on their website for more detailed inquiries. Additionally, WeSendit’s imprint page includes a physical address and a contact phone number.

WeTransfer vs. WeSendit

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