Nextcloud vs. Seafile

The main difference between Nextcloud and Seafile lies in their collaboration tools. Nextcloud uses a mix of tools such as Text, Talk, and Group to encourage instant collaboration. In contrast, Seafile offers solid features, like group libraries and directory sharing.

Comparing Nextcloud and Seafile

Backup and Recovery User Interface and Ease of Use Compliance Standards Cost
Nextcloud Automated backup with Nextcloud Backup app Modern accessible interface GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA Price starts at 37.49€ for 100 users to 195€ per user each year
Seafile Database and library data backups Cross-platform and user-friendly interface and GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, and NIST standards Price starts at $100
Nextcloud vs. Seafile

Nextcloud vs. Seafile: A Comprehensive Comparison

Nextcloud vs. Seafile


Nextcloud safeguards your data through encryption in two ways : when data is moving or in transit and when it is stationary or at rest.

Additionally, it uses two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Imagine this as a strong lock on your front door with an advanced alarm system inside. In simpler terms, your files are secure during transfer and stored.

Seafile excels at secure sharing, with double-layered data encryption for your shared content. It also has two-factor authentication for extra security, making it challenging for even the most determined hackers to breach.

Your choice between Seafile vs. Nextcloud could be heavily influenced by what you prioritize the most. It could range from the security of transferred data and stored data to shared folders.

Access Control and User Permissions

Starting with Nextcloud, it impressively allows you to create user groups with particular permissions. You can control all aspects – from downloading to editing and sharing. You can even protect public links with passwords and set expiration dates, keeping your important data safe.

Like Nextcloud, you can set permissions for different files and folders, determining who can see them. But Seafile goes a step further. It allows you to set very specific file-level permissions. It gives you a detailed control over your files. You can precisely decide who can see or change each file, adding extra safety.

Both Nextcloud and Seafile feature adjustable user roles. Depending on their role, it allows you to control how much access each user has, from read-only to full admin rights.

Nextcloud vs. Seafile
Nextcloud vs. Seafile

Collaboration Tools

Nextcloud uses combined tools such as Text, Talk, and Group to allow instant collaboration. These tools enable users to edit documents together, enjoy video chat, and use secure message services. Plus, its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of sharing files and folders.

Seafile may not offer as many tools as Nextcloud, but it still provides solid features such as group libraries and directory sharing. It also offers some document collaboration capabilities. Seafile’s real standout point is its easily understandable interface. It lets group members quickly get a handle on the layout and begin uploading, syncing, and sharing files immediately.

Backup and Recovery

Let’s look at how Nextcloud vs. Seafile handles data backup and recovery, a key aspect of any cloud service.

Nextcloud provides a comprehensive backup system, allowing for planned and spontaneous backups. Users can restore their full data or specific sections, giving peace of mind against data loss. If any problems arise, the file versioning feature comes to the rescue by enabling access to earlier versions of files.

Similarly, Seafile offers sturdy backup features. Besides recovering individual folders and files, it has an automatic backup system to ensure your data’s safety.

Like Nextcloud, Seafile offers file version history and trash retention, allowing you to get back any mistakenly deleted or changed files. However, it’s worth noting that the backup settings on Seafile can be tricky to handle.

Nextcloud vs. Seafile
Nextcloud vs. Seafile

Compliance Standards

Picking between Nextcloud vs. Seafile can often hinge on compliance standards. These are essential for aligning your data with legal and industry rules.

Nextcloud aligns with major laws such as GDPR, CCPA, FERPA, and COPPA. It offers solutions hosted by the customer to keep data safe​​​​.​ The platform also meets the healthcare industry’s HIPAA requirements. This shows their commitment to meet legal data protection and privacy standards across various sectors.

Seafile aligns with many top-tier international standards. It includes the GDPR, the United States HIPAA, and the worldwide ISO27001 data security guidelines. Importantly, Seafile’s ways of encrypting data pass the NIST standards, which are accepted and recognized globally.

Integration with Existing Systems

Both Nextcloud and Seafile work well with your current systems but do so differently. It is an important thing to note in our Nextcloud vs Seafile discussion.

As an alternative to Seafile, Nextcloud works well with your existing systems due to its integrative features. It’s ideal for both small and large businesses. It smoothly connects with DAV services, which lets you integrate your present calendar, contacts, and scheduling apps.

Communication tools such as Slack, Mattermost, and Microsoft Teams can be easily linked with it. Additionally, it can connect with third-party storage services like AWS S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox, broadening its usefulness.

Unlike Nextcloud, Seafile offers a focused rather than extensive range of integrations. But don’t mistake this for being less capable.

As an alternative to Nextcloud, Seafile specializes in securely and reliably synchronizing your files across devices. Its few integrations, like LDAP/AD, WebDAV, and third-party storage services, are top-notch and ensure effective sharing of libraries and directories.

Nextcloud vs. Seafile
Nextcloud vs. Seafile


Nextcloud offers various plans priced based on the number of users and your desired features. The cost for up to 100 users can vary from €37.49 to €195 per user each year, depending on your chosen plan.

Nextcloud offers specific quotes for organizations with more than 200 users. You can get custom pricing directly from Nextcloud for larger setups and extra features.

The Community Edition of Seafile, designed for simple file sharing and syncing, is entirely free. Their Professional Edition, which includes more sophisticated features, can also be free if you have three or fewer users.

Beyond that, the Professional Edition costs $100 for groups of up to 9 users. However, as you add more users, the cost per user drops. So, if you have a group of 10 to 249 users, each user will cost $48 per year.

If you’re a cloud service user, Seafile’s gives you options based on your storage needs and sharing traffic. You can choose their Pro A plan for $10 monthly, giving you 100GB of storage. Alternatively, you could opt for the Pro B plan for $20 monthly, providing 250GB of storage.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

As a Seafile alternative, Nextcloud’s mobile app makes it easy to manage your files from your phone. It automatically uploads photos and videos, lets you view documents, and has a fast search tool.

Meanwhile, Seafile’s mobile app boasts an easy-to-use interface that gives you primary access to upload and download your files. Even with its simplicity, it remains powerful, offering features such as auto camera upload and the ability to view files offline.

Nextcloud’s servers are in Germany and follow strict European privacy rules under the GDPR. Seafile, on the other hand, encrypts your data right on your device. Both ensure your data sovereignty is not violated.

Nextcloud vs. Seafile

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