How To Draft PPC Proposal: Step-By-Step-Guide and Free Template

Every marketer knows that the key to succeeding in this business is to have a solid PPC proposal. This not only gives a strong first impression, but it can also help you land new clients. 

If you are new to the business and you’re wondering how to start, it’s important that you learn how to write a PPC proposal effectively. By learning this important skill, you’ll be able to land more clients in the future.

This step-by-step guide’ll teach you how to write a winning proposal for your PPC business. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a PPC Proposal

A well-written PPC proposal introduces your agency to prospective clients. It also demonstrates the different goals you plan on tackling and how you will be able to track these results.

More importantly, the document is your chance to build a relationship with your client and get him to trust your agency’s track record. To do this, you need to make sure that your PPC proposal needs to include these three things:


When you’re writing a PPC proposal, you need to make sure that it is relevant to your prospective client’s industry and type of business.

You shouldn’t write a PPC proposal to a prospective client who sells hotel beds to someone who sells educational books. Otherwise, your proposal will not be important to the client you are pitching to. 


The proposal should be specific to the prospective client’s existing PPC performance. You need to take a look at their historical performance and even industry standards to check how the client is standing. 

Realistic expectations

When you create a PPC proposal, see to it that you have realistic expectations based on the client’s cost per acquisition (CPA). This is why you need to take a look at their existing PPC campaigns to check how well they are meeting these goals. 

Download the Free PPC Proposal Template

If you’re unsure about what goes on in the PPC proposal creation process, you can check out Fill’s downloadable template to easily edit the content to fit the proposal you are preparing. 

This will allow you to dedicate more time to researching the business and developing a campaign that addresses the client’s goals. 

Core Elements of PPC Proposal

When you’re learning how to create a PPC proposal, you must spend a great deal of time understanding your potential client’s industry and business. The time you spend on research will be put into practice later on once the client accepts your proposal. 

But what are the important parts of the proposal that you should include? These are:

Cover page

The first page of the proposal should be a cover page, which includes basic information like your PPC agency’s name, the name of the potential client, and the proposal’s name. 

You can also add an intriguing subtitle so that you can catch the attention of your prospective client.

Executive summary

In this part of the proposal, you should include information relevant to your prospective client. Write a summary of the critical elements of your proposal so your client doesn’t have to go through each page again. 

Also, don’t forget to write why your company is the best PPC agency to help them achieve their goals. Talk about the value you bring to the table to help your clients. 

About us

In the previous pages, you only give a short introduction to your agency’s name. But on this page, you should talk about your PPC agency in more detail. This will give prospective clients a clearer idea of who you are, what the values of your company are, as well as other important factors. 

You can build trust by including some client testimonials. 

Our approach and services

List down the different services that you can offer to tackle the issues that your prospective client faces. These can include the following:

  • Competitive Analysis – Mention any key strategies and tactics you plan to use so that you can fight the client’s competition.
  • Keyword Analysis – Give a look into the client’s current keywords and search results. Explain how you plan to use this to generate targeted leads for your client.
  • Channel Strategy – Identify the different target channels you plan to use for the client’s PPC campaign, such as Bing ads, Google ads, or paid social media.
  • A/B Testing – To optimize PPC ROI, you will need to talk about how your company will constantly split testing using different variables to figure out the method that is working for the campaign.
  • Monitoring – Elaborate on how you will monitor the results closely and what you plan to do with these results.

Project and timeline

Include a timeline for a better understanding of your prospective client. Give an estimate on how and when you intend to complete the deliverables. 

You can use a flow chart or a roadmap in this part of your proposal.


Give an outline of the payment schedule for the campaign. You can also give a look into the pricing table of your company and the services that will be used for the client’s campaign. 

Don’t forget to include the initial payment details and payment terms so your client has an idea of these things already. 

Terms and conditions

Put the legalities of the terms and conditions into a binding agreement. Make sure to include important information like termination, governing laws, payment terms, liabilities warranties, and many more. 


Allocate space in the proposal so that both parties can sign if they are ready to convert the document into a formal agreement. 

Using Fill to Create Your PPC Proposal

Drafting a PPC proposal requires spending a lot of time researching specific details relevant to the prospective client’s business. You can save time writing the proposal by using a template to help you out. 

Fill’s PPC proposal template can help you focus on the more important things. Create an account today to gain access to the template.

Andria Pacina

Andria is a seasoned content writer, specializing in document management solutions and HIPAA compliance, providing valuable insights for businesses and professionals alike.

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