How to Create a Website Maintenance Proposal and Win Clients

Website Maintenance Proposal

Having a website is important to anyone who wants to build credibility. But apart from just putting up a website, you also have to regularly maintain it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills to do this. 

As someone with a technology background, this might just be something you can offer. But how do you get clients to sign up for your service? 

The trick is knowing how to write a website maintenance proposal that you can submit to potential clients. This article will teach you how to create an enticing document that will win over clients all the time.

Website Maintenance Proposal

How to Draft Website Maintenance Proposal to Land Clients

A proposal is a document that you submit to prospective clients that you wish to work with. The document needs to contain various information that will help convince clients to hire you for website maintenance.

But before you can send a proposal, you will need to know what a prospective’s specific needs and preferences are. This way, you can send a tailored fit proposal that addresses his needs.

So, how do you create a winning proposal that will help you score a client? Here are some of our tips:

1. Include an attractive cover

You will need to start with an attractive cover page. First impressions last, so you need to make sure you get them to like you right from the start.

The cover page will include things like a high-quality image, impressive text, an accurate logo, and a balanced composition.

2. Have a detailed timeline and process

When you’re working with clients, you’ll need to be thorough in explaining what your maintenance package includes. You’ll also need to discuss how this will help solve their issues.

Take into consideration what your client needs so you can have a better way of presenting to them.

3. Be direct with your approach

Writing a website maintenance proposal requires you to be direct with the client. Don’t fluff the document with technical jargon that your client won’t understand.

The document needs to be concise and accurate so your client truly knows how you plan to do things.

4. Create a properly structured document

The pages of your proposal need to be cohesive with each other. They should also have a system in place where they follow certain points.

It should have a good layout that ensures the important elements are easy to read.

Free Website Maintenance Proposal Template

One of the best ways you can start creating your proposal is to use a template. This will help you save time in creating a document from scratch. 

Through the template, you can simply customize the existing parts and include important information. Once you’re done, you can send the proposal to a client for signing online. 

Website Maintenance Proposal

Essential Elements of Website Maintenance Proposal

But what are the important things you need to include in your proposal? Here’s what you need:

Cover page

As mentioned earlier, having a cover or title page is something you need to include. Your proposal needs to have important information like your name, business logo, and contact details. The name of your proposal should also be included. 

Table of contents

This part of the document needs to outline the sections in the proposal. It gives prospective clients a look into how you organize your content. At the same time, they can use this page to go through the document easily.

Executive summary

When you’re drafting a website maintenance proposal, make sure to include an executive summary page. This is where you can provide a brief overview of your entire proposal. The purpose of this page is to show the intent of the document from the start.

Website Maintenance Proposal

Strategic plans

Since website maintenance is an ongoing process, it’s a good idea to break down the steps. In each stage, make sure to discuss what you plan to do with your client’s website. 


You will also need to list the services you offer along with the expected timelines. Make sure to cover every service, such as website design, secure backups, etc. Being transparent with your potential clients is a good practice so they know what to expect.


The pricing details of your services should also be included in the proposal. List down the different services that your client may need. Each one should also have a corresponding base price so the client knows how to move forward.

Terms & conditions

Remember to include the terms and conditions that will govern the proposal. You need to lay out the conditions so you can avoid messy disputes in the future. 


Remember to leave space for you and your potential client to sign. This way, you can both finalize the deal and turn the document into a formal agreement.

How Fill Can Help Write a Website Maintenance Proposal

You don’t need to complicate the process of website maintenance proposal creation. To start with, you can use a template from Fill to simplify things.

Once you’re done customizing the template, you can send it to your client to get his signature digitally. Create an account today to see the different templates on the site.

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