How to Digitize Your Signature Online

Digitization has infiltrated the world to such an extent that we can safely assume that we will feel crippled if we are to survive without it for even a day. A lot of tasks are accomplished through digital means these days and it has impacted the speed at which work is getting done. This situation has also given rise to the need for even more digitization to be adopted into the system of work so that people can reap as much benefit from this as they can and this has rigorously replaced older methods of doing things.

Signing being an integral part of the documentation process in every organization and business is also something that has come to be revolutionized through digitization. Earlier we just had the option of a wet signature or thumbprint to solidify our approval on a particular document. But since the last few years, the options we have for signing have been increasing and in today’s day and age, we have multiple alternatives to get a signature done.

Digitized signature is one such option that is a gift of digitization to take care of signing and approving documents. It has already been widely accepted by organizations and institutions and it is further spreading on to others. Today we will try to understand what digitized signatures are, how they work and how they may benefit us if we decide to adopt them as our go-to option for signing documents.

So what exactly are digitized signatures. It is a form of signature which uses electronic and online means to verify or authorize documents that were formerly done with the help of wet signatures. Digitized signatures can be said to be a digitized graphic representation of the signer’s handwritten signature which can be used as an equivalent to the wet signature. Photos of the signer’s wet signature can also be considered digitized signatures and it is currently in use in a lot of institutions.

Educational Institutions today are especially seen using digitized signatures for the application form filling process. It has been a very fruitful inclusion for the system as it has made life easier for students who want to apply for admission to universities that are far away from their place of residence. The websites of major educational institutions can be seen allowing students to upload scanned photos of their wet signatures as their stamp of approval upon the online submission of relevant documents.

Digitized signatures can be created online by visiting one of the many sites that can generate a digitized signature for you based on how you draw it on the signature pad they provide. Another easy option for creating digitized signatures is to simply sign on a notepad, click a picture of it and then simply proceed to upload or attach it to whichever document you please. Creating a digitized signature is easy and can easily and quickly be created by anyone who has some basic knowledge about handling electronic devices and is familiar with how the internet works. It is doubtful that people who don’t know any one of these things can be found today so we can say that digitized signatures is certainly an easily accessible tool that anyone can have at their disposal. 

Digitized signatures are super easy to use whenever required. You just need to create a digitized signature through one of the ways that were previously mentioned and then proceed to upload it or attach it to the document which needs to be signed. The businesses and organizations that use digitized signatures for their official work have already made provisions for signers to upload their digitized signatures. The signer simply needs to click a picture or scan their signature and upload it directly to the website. Since many educational institutions and other offices have adopted this mode of signing already, many people might already be familiar with the process.

However, there may still be a lot of people who will be skeptical about using digitized signatures and it is totally understandable that they may be doubtful about the validity of such a transaction. People need to make sure that legitimacy is taken care of in the process. 

But this fear is not valid anymore as there are numerous laws in place about digitized and online signatures. 

So it is clear that creating a digitized signature and using it can be a really easy task which anyone with a basic knowledge of using smartphones or a PC can easily accomplish. Now let’s discuss briefly how the use of digitized signatures can make our lives easier and make us more efficient in tackling documentation. 

The first and foremost factor that comes into play is the convenience of people who are from remote places and cannot commute to a particular place in order to get their signatures done. It sometimes becomes inconvenient for us to commute to a distant place just to verify documents and give our approval. The provision of digitized signatures has allowed us to take care of important approval through signatures remotely. A good example of making proper use of this facility can be given through educational institutions. We can see that they have largely incorporated digitized signatures in their system which has proved to be a blessing for aspiring applicants from far-off places. 

Digitized signature has managed to speed up the process of documentation and authorization by a lot. Assessing and acquiring necessary signatures used to be a time-consuming process. Some documents can be of too much significance to be handled casually and therefore it becomes necessary to take one’s time while doing what needs to be done to ensure everything is looked after in a precise manner. In these circumstances, it can be beneficial to incorporate an easier mode of signing to lessen the burden on officials as well as the concerned signers. Signing can be taken care of remotely without having the need to leave other important work to be done later. 

Digitized signature, in a nutshell, is a new and much more improved fashion of getting signatures done quickly and conveniently. Its use has already spread to a lot of industries and as people get familiar with the advantages of implementing it in their transactions, it will be their go-to option for signing documents for sure. 

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