How To Create A Copyright License Agreement and Protect Work

copyright license agreement

Using the material of another person without that person’s permission is illegal. You will need to get permission from the creator before you can use copyrighted material, like a book, article, or song. This is where a copyright license agreement comes into the picture.

With this agreement, you get legal authorization to use the material. If you’re interested in learning how to draft copyright license agreements for your creation, you’ve come to the right place. 

This article will guide you through the process of creating a copyright license agreement. 

copyright license agreement

How To Write A Copyright License Agreement: What You Need To Know

copyright license agreement goes by several other names, including a copyright release agreement, copyright assignment agreement, and copyright transfer agreement. Whichever name you use, the document serves the same purpose. 

Before you start drafting copyright license agreements, the first thing to do is to learn the different types of license agreements. These include the following:


An exclusive license only grants the licensee the right to use your work for a duration of time stipulated in the agreement.


A non-exclusive license allows you to authorize other people or companies to use your material at the same time. 

A copyright license agreement is needed if you work in industries such as tech and entertainment. Some examples of what these agreements regulate include:

  • Musical compositions
  • Sound recordings
  • Inventions
  • Software
  • Logos
  • Books

Free Copyright License Agreement Template

The easiest way to copyright license agreement creation is to use a template since you don’t need to write the document from scratch. 

Check out Fill’s template to start creating your contracts in no time. 

Copyright License Agreement

What You Need To Include In A Copyright License Agreement

If you’re keen on learning how to write copyright license agreements from scratch, you will need to make sure that the document you create can be enforced. It should also contain the right information that will protect you as the rightful owner of the material. 

Here are some of the important elements you need to include in your agreement:

Parties involved

Since this document serves as a legally binding and enforceable contract, you need to make sure to indicate the name of the parties involved. 

Identify who the licensor (the copyright holder) and licensee (requesting party) are. The legal names and addresses of both parties should be indicated. 

Grant of license

This part of the agreement is where the extent of permission is fully defined. When writing a copyright license agreement, make sure to outline the explicit rights granted, including the material’s reproduction, distribution, performance, and public display. 

It would be best if you also defined whether the license is exclusive or non-exclusive. 

Territory and duration

This part of the document identifies the geographical area wherein the license can be valid. Identify whether you have certain regions you wish to allow your material to be used. 

You should also specify the duration of the license, making sure to indicate the start and end dates. Define your renewal terms as well. 

copyright license agreement

Consideration and royalties

This section of the document is where you indicate the payment or compensation that the licensee provided to the licensor. It should detail the payment terms, including the amount, payment method, and frequency. 

This will also be the section where the royalty payment will be discussed. 

Limitations and restrictions

Specify any restrictions on the use of your copyrighted material in this part of the document.

This includes the following:

  • Modifying the work
  • Using the material for specific purposes
  • Sublicensing to third parties
  • Intellectual property ownership

Even though this document authorizes the licensee’s rights to use your material, you should remember that copyright ownership remains with you, the licensor. 

Ensure that you specify that the agreement does not give the licensee ownership of the material. Instead, they simply have a limited right to use the material as discussed in the agreement.

Termination and breach

The document should address circumstances wherein the agreement can be terminated by either party. These may include non-payment, violation of the terms and conditions, or breach of contract.

Make sure to add these things so you have full authority and ownership of your copyrighted material, even if you have allowed others to use it.

How Fill Can Help Write A Copyright License Agreement

If you’re still wondering how to create a copyright license agreement, you can get help from a Fill template. With this document, you no longer have to write everything from scratch. It can help you save time and energy in drafting the document. 

Sign up for a free Fill account and have access to our different templates. Fill also lets you sign your documents directly so you don’t have to print out your document and scan it again.

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