How do I select an eSignature Solution for My Business?

Businesses are growing these days at a rapid pace. This has a lot to do with the highly digitized world that we all are currently living in. Every field today has adopted a way or the other to digitize their tasks as it brings with it a lot of scope for speeding up the processes.

This has also led to a rise in competition among businesses. With a faster rate of accomplishing complicated tasks, businesses are capable of doing more of the same work in literally a fraction of the time that it used to take. 

Not implementing digital means into your work can prove to be a liability and your company’s growth may suffer for this. On top of that, other companies that do use such means will greatly advance leaving you far behind in the competition.

eSignature is one such tool of digitization that has proved to be beneficial for all businesses which have decided to incorporate it into their work. When put simply, eSignature is a digital/online alternative for signing documents.

It does not require hard copies of documents to be passed around from person to person or even a pen for that matter. eSignature simply requires a device through which one can access the internet and they can get the signatures done remotely with ease. 

It is very easy to use eSignatures and anyone with a device with internet access can easily sign documents using it.

However, eSignatures are not simply limited to that as they have a lot more to offer other than just the provision of signing documents online. eSignature services come with cloud storage where all your documents can be stored.

On top of that, eSignature services provide some of the safest ways of dealing with high-priority documents as they are digitally encrypted. The documents in the cloud can only be accessed by individuals who are authorized to do so.

There may be a bit of confusion when looking for an eSignature service as there are a lot of options to choose from these days. However, we have come up with a list of services that the best eSignature vendors provide for customers and one should look for the following qualities when searching for a suitable subscription.

Things to consider when selecting eSignature service for your business

eSignatures Are Legally Protected

Businesses need to make sure that every transaction of theirs is legally valid. When using eSignatures, businesses can be assured that all their documents that are electronically signed are legitimate and are presentable in a court of law if the need arises.  eSignatures are a legally binding option with laws like Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) by Federal legislation in 2000 in place. 

eSignatures Are Digitally Secured

Documents related to business transactions and deals are of high importance and one needs to make sure that they are secured at all times. eSignature services provide a safer alternative than the traditional storage and sharing methods for important documents. The documents that are sent to people or businesses through eSignature services are digitally encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone randomly. These documents can only be opened by authorized individuals. Businesses can carry on their transactions securely through eSignature services.

Electronically Signed Documents Are Safe In Cloud Storage

One of the best things about eSignature services is that they provide cloud storage for users to store all of their documents. However, businesses might be a bit reluctant to store important documents in cloud storage that is provided by a vendor.

But they can be assured that this is no ordinary cloud storage as all the documents stored in it cannot be accessed by any random person even if they get a hold of your device. The cloud storage asks for authentication of the user’s identity which will be verified before allowing them access to the important documents.

Convenience Combined With Effectiveness

The convenience of doing business that eSignature services provide is incomparable. eSignature services can single-handedly change your entire approach to going about your work and it is especially true when it comes to documentation. eSignature makes it super easy to go through the process of making documents and getting them signed which was previously thought to be a lengthy and tedious process. Access documents remotely through your devices from any place you want and get the necessary signatures done within minutes.

eSignature Services Allow Customization

Businesses are using digital marketing and creating a social media presence for themselves as it gives a huge boost to their brands. Branding is an important aspect of businesses these days and one cannot do without having a distinct identity for themselves if they are seeking to make an impact on the consumers. eSignature services allow for customizing documents and the interface according to the user’s own preference. They can now use a system that is rewarding as well as customizable according to their own preferences.

They Are Compatible With Mobile Devices

The point of using or creating eSignatures is to provide a smoother and more convenient experience when dealing with documentation.

This convenience can be majorly attributed to the provision of using eSignature tools remotely from any place that seems comfortable to the signer. eSignature services are compatible with mobile devices and this adds to the plethora of advantages it brings with it. 

Whenever you look out for an eSignature service to subscribe to, always keep these services in mind as vendors that are providing quality software will definitely provide you with all the facilities listed above. We hope we were of help to you and you can make a good decision with the help of this information. 

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