Password Protect PDF

Secure your documents by adding passwords to them without any software.

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How to Encrypt a PDF

Add password to any PDF file in these simple steps


Click on Select Files or drag and drop the PDF file you encrypt

Add Password

Enter the password you want to secure your PDF with and confirm it.


Click Save to download the new encrypted version of your PDF 

Encrypt PDF

Convenient PDF Encryption for Industries

In industries where safeguarding critical client information is important, such as legal or healthcare sectors, encrypting client-related documents is a vital practice. From legal agreements and contracts to various document formats, Fill offers a convenient and free encryption solution.

Add a PDF Protection Layer

While using cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox is beneficial, adding an extra layer of security through encryption is an even wiser choice. Fill uses high-level military-grade encryption to help you create passwords that can never be broken, regardless of the time and effort attackers invest in cracking them.  

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Protect PDF From Changes

Encrypting PDFs is an effective way of safeguarding your documents. Not only are your PDF contents protected from being altered, but it also remains completely unreadable to anyone who does not have the correct password. This way, your documents remain intact and secure from unapproved changes.

Simple and Software-Free PDF Encryption

You can easily encrypt PDFs without the need to install any software. Fill offers a straightforward online solution for password-protecting your PDF without complications. Just upload your file, set a password, and download your encrypted document.

Enhance TIFF File Shareability
Frequently Asked Questions

Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac using the following steps:

Open any browser on your Mac PC and load the Fill PDF to PowerPoint converter ( 

Upload your PDF file by clicking select file or dragging and dropping the file into the box.

Confirm the document you uploaded by clicking on the thumbnail containing each page of your PDF file. If you mistakenly uploaded the wrong file, select Cancel and start over.

Then select Apply & Download, and Fill will automatically convert and save the PowerPoint file to your device.


You can also convert PDF to PowerPoint using the same steps on Windows and Linux PCs.

You can convert PDF to PowerPoint slides using a PDF-to-PowerPoint converter tool like Fill. 

Each PDF page will automatically be saved as a slide. So, if you have 15 PDF PAGES, you will have 15 PDF slides. You can do this by uploading your PDF file to the Fill tool and clicking Apply & download to save your new File.