Convert Excel to PDF

Convert your Excel file to PDF with Fill’s quick and easy tool.

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How to convert Excel to PDF

Turn any .xlsx,  .csv and any spreadsheet into a PDF file(s) 


Click on the Select Files button to upload the Excel file you want to convert. You can also drag and drop it in the box.


Now check your Downloads folder as your Excel file will be automatically converted into a PDF saved on your PC.

Excel to PDF

Convert Excel to PDF for easy content reading.

Many devices do not have the software to open and view Excel spreadsheets. Make your file viewable the same way on a wide range of devices and operating systems by converting it to PDF.

Preserve Excel Formatting

Convert your Excel to PDF before sharing to retain the original formatting of the Excel file. This way, it will look the same on any device.


Enhance TIFF File Shareability

Create a stable document version.

PDFs are the best way to store documents long-term because they are stable files. Convert your Excel file to PDF to have a stable version of your spreadsheet, as there can be no accidental modification of the cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

To convert Excel to PDF, you need a secure Excel to PDF converter like Fill.

Simply upload your Excel spreadsheet and Fill will automatically download and save the new PDF on your device.

To export and Excel file as PDF, you need to convert it first to PDF and then save it to your device.

A tool like Fill does this effortlessly by exporting a the Excel sheet automatically as a PDF