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An Easy-to-Use Sales Contract for Sellers or Customers

In this modern era, business transactions have become plain and simple. All sellers and customers need to do are agree on the trade and honor each party’s promises. But things can go wrong even with minor business transactions these days. Deals can be broken, and contracts can be breached. Hence, creating solid sales contracts and agreements has become vital in managing transactions effectively and avoiding future disputes.
sales contract template
A sales contract is a logical document that should take care of every aspect of the deal. It should include all pertinent details, such as the object, price, payment terms, and delivery dates. The agreement must also consider contingencies if things do not go according to plan. At the same time, it should give both parties adequate protection in case of disputes.

Fortunately, there are templates available online that make it easy to create a customized sales contract. These templates provide an abundance of information and resources to help sellers or customers draft an agreement that will work best for their specific needs. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use sales contract template, check out this free marketing and sales contract sample from Fill. We have consulted legal experts on creating this template so you can be sure that it will help you get the deal done quickly.

How to Draft an Effective Sales Contract

Sales agreements are crucial since they contain everything you need to complete a transaction. It gives buyers and sellers information that should be noted in case they’re not entirely sure about the agreement.

This information can help prevent confusion among buyers. This is especially crucial if a business is to address a regular clientele. Surely, the company will be reluctant to destroy this relationship.

In a formal sale agreement, there will also be arbitration procedures that indicate the possibility of mediation or arbitration.

If you are a seller, it is essential to draft a legally binding contract that’s easy for you and your customers to understand. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

  1. Start with an outline of the key terms of the agreement, including the product or service being sold, any warranties and guarantees, liabilities, intellectual property rights, product delivery dates and payment terms.
  2. Clearly define the responsibilities of each party so that there is no confusion about who is responsible for what in the event of a dispute.
  3. Include clear timelines and contingency plans to ensure that you are always on track with the transaction and can take appropriate steps in case something goes wrong.
  4. Consult a legal expert or attorney to ensure that the contract is legally sound, comprehensive, and fair to both parties involved.

Start drafting your next sales contract with confidence using this free sales contract template from Fill.

Exploring the Contents of a Sales Contract

The goods contract involving your business selling represent a crucial business process – getting the sale! The number of signed contracts can be an important performance indicator. You can also use a sales agreement to forecast future sales, which will give you assurance about your revenue and business plan.

Sales contracts typically include details about the item being sold, including its description, condition, quantity, and purchase price. They also outline payment terms and delivery dates for the product or service being purchased. In addition to these details, sales contracts may also include an implied warranty or guarantee for the product or service offered, as well as clauses relating to dispute resolution and arbitration proceedings.

Below are other important elements that you need to consider including in your sales contract.

Price and payments

This confirms your willingness to sell the goods to the purchaser at the predetermined cost. Invoices are sent to the customer by the seller when they are delivered. Invoice payment must occur within a specified number of days from receipt of the invoice. All outstanding balances deemed non-payable within the allotted period will incur late payment penalties.


Except as explicitly specified in the sale of goods contract, the customer is meant to acknowledge that the goods have been supplied. Except for the express warranties in the contract, neither party is required to make any representation or warranty, either explicitly or implicitly, unless both parties are required.

Delay or failure to perform and force majeure

The seller can not be held responsible by the customer for any delay caused due to a shortage in transportation, delays in material, or other natural causes. The seller must immediately notify the customer if the delivery is not reproducible. If the sale or purchase agreement was canceled on a timely basis, the entire agreement is canceled immediately and in its entirety by the parties.

Risk of loss and title

All losses or damages to goods are on the seller until they have been passed on to the customer or their designee. The seller retains the title of all goods until the final payment is received.

FAQ About Marketing and Sales Contracts

A sales contract or agreement is a legally binding document drafted between a seller and its customers. It has mainly a goal of ensuring a frills-free delivery of a product or service which has been promised for payment. This helps businesses and customers work together to carry out successful sales transactions.
A sales contract is essential when dealing with large and complex transactions. In U.S. sales contracts, the requirement that the product is sold for at least $500 is enforceable under the Uniform Commercial Code. Although the UCC is not federal law, its model is accepted by every country and implemented by many states.

Unlike oral contracts that are only applicable in certain instances, sales contracts clearly define contract obligations and economic consequences. In simple terms, this document will allow for the transaction to take place at an acceptable timeframe. It’s a sales arrangement that gives both the buyer and seller the protection to deliver or receive goods and services when one party does not meet their promise when they promise it in writing.

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