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Your search took many months, but now it is your turn to buy a home you enjoy. Once you negotiate with the seller, the price is decided. Ultimately, you must close and complete the sale or execute a buying agreement. Can you list some of these terms and conditions? What should you do when you buy a new house? This is your gateway to obtaining an agreement for sale. This fillable template contains everything that’s expected of a purchase agreement and the essential terms and conditions to consider when signing one.
Purchase agreement sample template for real estate
Purchase agreements are commonly used for acquiring and selling homes or other properties. To facilitate negotiations, both parties agree to the final sale price of the real estate asset. Moreover, additional aspects related to the transaction, including closure dates and contingencies, can also be included.
Sales agreements are vital since they cover everything essential for any real estate transaction. The contract gives the purchaser and seller some references they can consult for a reason or some questions. This detail is essential to ensure there’s no miscommunication between sellers and buyers. In formal sales agreements, there are dispute resolution mechanisms that outline how conflicts should go to mediation.

Understanding Purchase Agreements in Property Sales

Before any transactions are possible, the buyers and sellers agree to the price of the property and the sale terms. The purchase and sale agreement provides an underlying framework for negotiations. Typically, such contracts are applicable for a significant purchase like a property. It’s usually prepared by an independent third party to ensure that the transaction closes without any issues. In addition, it records when a purchase is completed.

At the heart of a purchase and sale agreement is the consideration. This is the price agreed upon by both parties for the property. Aside from basic information about the property, it also includes details such as closing dates, contingency clauses, and other essential conditions for completing a transaction, such as what happens in case a buyer fails to close within the agreed-upon timeframe.

In addition to providing legal clarity on all aspects of the sale, purchase and sale agreement can also help protect the parties involved in the transaction. For example, it may include a legal dispute resolution clause outlining how conflicts should be resolved if they arise during or after the sale process.

What to Include in a Purchase Agreement for a Property

While the specifics of a purchase agreement can vary depending on the property, there are some general terms and conditions that should be included in most sales contracts. These include the final sale price for the real estate asset, the closing dates and deadlines for completing various stages of the transaction, and the confirmation that the seller and buyer acknowledges and agrees to the terms of the agreement. It can also include whether a deposit or earnest money is required to be placed in a separate bank account or custodial escrow account.

Some of the key terms and conditions that may be included in a property purchase agreement include:

  • Pertinent details about the buyer and the seller
  • The confirmation that the seller agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to buy the property
  • Property address and details
  • Taxes, transfer costs, etc., associated with the property
  • Date of when the buyer takes possession of the property
  • Seller’s representations highlighting warranties
  • Purchase price and any other financial terms
  • Closing date and any contingencies that must be met to complete the purchase transaction
  • Governing laws


Taxes and closing costs are also typically a part of a purchase agreement for property sales. These may include transfer taxes, title insurance, home inspection fees, appraisal fees, and other costs related to the sale.

Purchase price

The property’s purchase price is a key element of any real estate deal. The final sale amount will typically be negotiated between the buyer and seller and specified in the purchase agreement.

Seller representations

In addition to outlining the terms of the sale, a purchase agreement will typically also include any representations made by the seller. These may include information about the property’s condition, any improvements made, and other warranties or guarantees relating to its sale.


In addition to the purchase price, a property sale may be subject to certain contingencies. These may include the buyer obtaining financing, inspections or appraisals, and other conditions that must be met for the transaction to go through. To close a real estate sale, you must sign the purchase agreement and complete any other necessary paperwork and filings associated with it.

FAQ About Purchase and Sale Agreements in Real Estate

A sale and purchase agreement is a legally binding contract between buyers and sellers that defines the transaction’s terms. Both the buyer and seller can sign a contract to document the transaction. A purchase agreement may also be called a purchase contract.
A purchase and sale agreement template contains comprehensive details of an investment transaction, but you may not find a clause regarding every possible scenario. Some details may be negotiated outside of the deal, such as requests for a refund or a change in the property title.
While both the bill of sale and the sales agreement provide similar information about a particular transaction, these two have distinct uses. The parties must make sales agreements before making the final purchase. There are terms parties have outlined for transactions, including payment plans and warranties. The sales contract is signed when parties have reached a mutual understanding.
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