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Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

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When two or more parties want to agree that one party will have rights to the intellectual property created by the other, they can use this intellectual property assignment agreement. This is typical in the case of employees who create new products, designs, or processes for their employer.
intellectual property assignment agreement template

An IP property assignment may apply to an employee involved in inventions, original works of authorship, developments, improvements, and trade secrets. By signing this document, he agrees to transfer ownership rights of said IP to his employer.

This agreement is often used in business partnerships, where one party may have contributed some form of intellectual property to the partnership and wishes to transfer ownership rights to the partner entity.

It can also apply when a company or individual sells a product or service that includes some form of intellectual property.

Using this template, all parties can confidently establish and document the transfer of IP ownership rights. All it takes is filling out the template, having all parties sign, and keeping a copy on file for future reference. Secure your intellectual property rights with our easy-to-use intellectual property assignment agreement template today.

Ready to Transfer Intellectual Property Ownership to Your Employer?

This document spells out the specifics of the assignment, including the surrendering the IP, the consideration (usually money), and any other terms and conditions.

This IP assignment agreement is simple to customize and use. Just fill in the blanks and have all parties agree to ensure that conditions are clear and the intellectual property rights are fully identified.

This document is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for seeking legal advice. It is recommended for you to engage qualified IP counsel before signing this template or entering into any legal agreements.

Contents of a Relevant Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

The specific terms and conditions of the IP assignment agreement may vary, but some common elements include:

  • Identification of the parties involved in the agreement
  • Description and identification of the relevant intellectual property created or transferred
  • A statement confirming that all ownership rights are being transferred to the receiving party
  • Any additional terms or conditions, such as a non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality clause
  • Signatures from both parties to legally bind them to the agreement

Get this template and customize to fit your specific needs and secure your intellectual property rights today.

Inventions retained and licensed

This section outlines that any inventions created by the assigning party during their employment or partnership will remain their property, but they are granting a license for the receiving party to use said inventions and do other lawfully permitted acts.

Assignment of inventions

In this section, the assigning party agrees to assign and transfer all ownership rights of any inventions created during their employment or partnership to the company.

Maintenance of inventions records

The assigning party agrees to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of any inventions created during their employment or partnership. They also agree to keep records of their inventions and provide them to the company upon request.

Patents and copyrights

The employee agrees to assist the company in obtaining and maintaining any patents or copyrights for their inventions, and assigns any rights to said patents and copyrights to the company with the same legal force and effect as the creator.

FAQ About Assigning Intellectual Property Rights

IP assignment is the transfer of ownership rights from one party to another for a form of intellectual property, such as a patent or copyright.
The transfer of intellectual property rights can be done through a formal written agreement, such as this template. It is important to fully identify the intellectual property referenced in the contract and include any additional terms or conditions.
An intellectual property assignment agreement is important to ensure that ownership rights are clearly defined. It can also protect the parties involved, especially in cases where confidential or proprietary information is involved, such as with technology business ventures or software development partnerships.

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