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General Power of Attorney – Non-Durable

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Non-durable Power of Attorney

This legal authorization grants someone the power to act on your behalf in legal and financial matters. They can sign agreements, approve payments, and more. The exact privileges depend on the agreement’s scope. 

general power of attorney non durable template

Why is a Non-durable Power of Attorney​ important?

A non-durable Power of Attorney (POA) lets someone appoint another person or organization to handle their affairs if they can’t. It’s usually done to achieve a specific financial or legal goal, like signing a document when you can’t be there. The person delegating authority is the principal, and the one receiving it is the agent.

When Do you Need A Non-durable Power of Attorney​?

You might consider establishing a Non-Durable Power Of Attorney if you cannot be present to sign or execute certain documents or dealings, and need someone with legal authority to act on your behalf.
helpful in various situations

Helpful in various situations

A nondurable POA can be handy in various situations. If you can’t or don’t want to be physically present for financial and legal tasks, it makes sense to use one. While eSignatures are becoming more common and let you do business from anywhere, certain situations still call for physical, or “wet,” signatures. That’s where a nondurable POA comes in handy.

best for rental agreement

Best for Rental Agreement

If you’re planning to move, which may require you to sign a rental agreement in the area where you would be living. Until you’re there, you can’t physically sign, and mailing documents might not be feasible. A nondurable POA granted to an individual in your future hometown could help you complete the agreement.

it has limitations too

Useful when you're living outstation

If you’re away from the U.S. and someone needs to sign a document or handle a financial task on your behalf, authorize a nondurable POA. It automatically ends when you return. 

commission agreement template

It has limitations too

A nondurable power of attorney has limitations compared to a durable one. You can always revoke or change the powers granted in a power of attorney, but a nondurable POA has additional triggers that can end the arrangement.

FAQ About Our Non-durable Power of Attorney​ Template

This goes into effect as soon as the document is signed and expires if/when you are declared mentally incompetent or die, whichever comes first. You may revoke a Non-Durable Power Of Attorney at any time.

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