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A nanny contract allows an individual to take care of a legal guardian’s children or parents of an individual in exchange for payment. One can hire a nanny as an employee or as an independent contractor. A nanny can be hired on a part or full-time basis.
nanny contract template

Why is a Nanny Contract important?

Like every other contract, a nanny contract protects both the parties for any unfavourable situation. The contract will allow the family to hold the nanny accountable for what the job description and job duties are going to entail. On the other side, it protects the nanny from any out of score demands and ensure the payment is done on a time basis.

What Should You Include In A Nanny Contract?

The foremost aspect of the contract is the name and contact information of both parties. Must mention the effective start date, compensation, and additional benefits. The contract should also include the schedule and time commitment and termination procedure.
finding a nanny

Finding a Nanny

Your family and friends should be the first people to ask for a nanny. Because this is a serious job profile and you should hire someone you know. Needless to mention, a family member will have natural care for the children due to being related and, in most cases, works as the best solution.

interview process

Interview Process

You should schedule a time to interview them and view their personality. If everything goes well during the interview, letting them interact with the children is a good way to understand how they will work out. It’s very important to hire someone with a relaxed mind and who will always have their temper under control.

performing a background check

Performing a Background Check

After you select a nanny, you should ask for consent to have a background check. You need to contact past employers of the nanny and ask them about her part performance and behavior. This is a very important security measure you should take before deciding whether to hire the nanny.

negotiating the nannys pay

Negotiating the Nanny’s Pay

The pay basically depends on the cost of living in that area and available nanny positions. For example, a nanny in London may be more expensive than in an outskirt area due to employment opportunities.

FAQ About Our Nanny Contract Template

Creating a safe and stimulating environment for the children. Bathing and dressing. Changing diapers and potty-training, if age-appropriate. Children’s laundry. Planning meals, preparing food, and/or feeding the children. Arranging playdates and outings. Indoor and outdoor play.

You aren’t legally required to have a written contract with your nanny, but it can prevent misunderstandings down the road. Drawing one up starts the conversation about the ground rules of the arrangement and establishes them clearly.

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