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Resignation Letter – Personal reason

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Resignation Letter Template Due to Personal Reason

A resignation letter is a written document that asserts the signer’s intent to leave a job. In this template, we have crafted how you can write your resignation letter for personal reasons. 

Resignation Letter - Personal reason

Why is a Template for Resignation Letter about Personal Reason

Whether or not you need to send a resignation letter depends on your terms of employment outlined in your contract – in most cases, a resignation letter will be necessary A letter of resignation is a legal document in the sense that it acts as a notification of termination, which may be contractually required to cease employment unilaterally.

When Do you Need To Send A Resignation Letter?

Usually one thinks of leaving a job when he / she gets a better opportunity somewhere else. It’s advised to keep the opening of your letter straightforward. Draft the header correctly by including your address and your employer’s address. There is usually no legal requirement to provide an explanation in your letter of resignation. You may wish to do so, however, for the benefit of your employer.

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Signer’s Intent

Mention the signer’s intent to resign. If it’s personal and you want to share it, please do, else you can just mention ‘personal’.

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Last Day

A date for the last day of employment is required to let your employer know, so that they can look for a replacement if they want.

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An Offer

It’s advised to have an offer to ease the transition. Make sure to send your current employer a resignation only after having another better offer.

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Resignation Template

Creating an agreement can be tricky, and a template can help you get the most crucial job done in a jiffy.

FAQ on Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reason Template

Yes – a resignation letter can usually only be rejected if the employee is under a contract. And yes, you can withdraw your resignation yourself within a certain period. Moreover, it’s seen that many employer convey the employee with better remuneration or position and the resignation is mutually withdrawal.

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