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Employee contract templates for new hires​

This Employment Agreement is a contract for use when a business hires a new employee. It can be used for a range of different employment types, including full-time, part-time, and fixed term.

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Why is an Employment Contract important?

The primary reason for an employment contract is to provide job security to the employee and ensure that employers are also insulated from risks like lower productivity that can occur due to unclear working hours.

When Do you Need A Employment Contract?

The employee agreement lay outs the job’s criteria and also spell out the expectation from the employee. The agreement protects the employer as it regulates the employee’s behaviour in the organization. It included all the T & C of a new job interconnection between the two parties.


The employee’s primary responsibilities bind the individual to carry out the duties as per the contract. Adding T&C that suggest that the responsibilities could change over time always pads an agreement with flexibility.



Compensation sets the starting remuneration that the individual will be paid and is typically known into salary, which is paid on a yearly or hourly basis, as well as how often the employee will be paid.



Some employment agreement are not for long terms, and others have an end date. Some renew on a yearly basis. The date of termination date would be listed in the agreement, but this section requires serious legal help before drafting.

non compete


An employer always has the option to add a non-compete clause for a set timeline, which would prevent the professional from bringing trade secrets to a competitor. With a stringent non-compete, employees that leave might not be able to work for employees in similar industries.

FAQ About Our Employment Contract Template

Not really. You can edit the location in your employee contract template and send it to your employee. You’re advised to consult with your legal advisor to make sure the contract complies with local law.

A new salary employee contract template should still have all of the information that is found in a regular contract template. This is created after an employee is promoted. In this type of agreement salary details and legal jurisdiction are mentioned along with individuals’ signatures.

You can’t consider freelancers as your employees, so certainly you shouldn’t sign an employment agreement with them unless you wish to hire them full time.

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