Employee contract templates for new hires

This Employment Agreement is a contract for use when a business hires a new employee. It can be used for a range of different employment types, including full-time, part-time, and fixed term.

What’s Included in Our Employee Contract template

Terms of employment
Employee Benefits
Non-compete clause
Compensation information
Other Legal Clauses

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. You can edit the location in your employee contract template and send it to your employee. You’re advised to consult with your legal advisor to make sure the contract complies with local law.

A new salary employee contract template that is being used as a result of the employee being promoted should still have all of the information that is found in a regular employer/employee contract template (salary details, legal jurisdiction, signatures, etc.).

Freelancers are not your employees, so you are not supposed to sign an employment agreement with them unless you intend to hire them full time.