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Simplify Your Offboarding Process with Our Free Employee Offboarding Request Template

The transition from employee to former employee can be challenging for both the company and the individual. That’s why it’s essential to have a well-structured offboarding plan that ensures a smooth and professional experience for everyone involved.
employee offboarding request template
Introducing our free Employee Offboarding Request template, designed to streamline and optimize the offboarding process for your departing employees. Our template will help you manage every aspect of the employee offboarding process, from exit interviews to the return of company equipment.
Utilizing our offboarding template guarantees a consistent and thorough approach, making the process of offboarding employees seamless and reducing any unnecessary stress during this significant transition.

Purpose of Properly Offboarding Departing Employees

The purpose of this requisition form is to facilitate the transition of an employee’s departure while protecting your company’s interests. This critical document outlines the steps and actions needed to ensure a smooth and successful offboarding experience. It allows you to define the roles and responsibilities of each party, establish timelines, and communicate expectations clearly.

Furthermore, a well-structured offboarding process that utilizes our requisition form can help identify opportunities for improvement within your organization. By gathering feedback from departing employees through exit interviews, you can gain valuable insights into your company’s strengths and weaknesses, leading to more effective talent management and retention strategies.

By following an established process, you can maintain positive relationships with former employees and promote a consistent employee experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Situations When the Employee Offboarding Process May Apply

Employee offboarding requests are helpful in various situations where a company must separate from an employee. These may include voluntary resignations, retirements, or terminations for performance or disciplinary reasons.

Regardless of the circumstances, a well-crafted offboarding request helps companies manage the complexities and challenges that arise when an employee leaves the organization, such as the knowledge transfer process and turning over sensitive company data.

Moreover, ensuring that you follow the best practices for employee offboarding reflects well on your employee retention initiatives, attracting top talent and reinforcing your organization’s reputation as a desirable workplace. You might even get the chance to attract boomerang employees — those who left an organization and later returned — a testament to your organization’s positive work environment and culture.

Investing in a comprehensive and consistent offboarding process ultimately contributes to your company’s long-term success and growth. Just consider these use cases:

  1. Voluntary Resignation: When existing employees decide to leave the company for personal or professional reasons.
  2. Retirement: An employee reaches the end of their career and retires from the company.
  3. Performance-Based Termination: An employee is let go due to poor performance or failure to meet objectives.
  4. Disciplinary Termination: An employee is terminated for violating company policies or engaging in misconduct.

Streamlined Process

Our template ensures a consistent and organized approach to the offboarding process for when employees leave.

Comprehensive Coverage

It covers all critical aspects, including employee access, company property, exit interviews, and company assets.


Easily adapt the template to fit your company’s unique policies and procedures, ensuring an effective offboarding process for exiting employees.

Positive Departing Employee Experience

Ensure a professional and positive experience for employees and, at the same time, build a positive employer brand.

FAQ About the Employee Offboarding Request Form

Yes, our template is fully customizable to fit your company’s specific policies and procedures. It’s best to be as thorough as possible when entering details for a truly successful offboarding process.
The template includes a section that outlines the process for returning company property and assets, ensuring a smooth transition.
Exit interviews provide valuable insights into the employee experience and help identify areas for improvement. While not always required, they are highly recommended for all departing employees.

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