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Audits provide a means by which businesses can assess their strengths or weaknesses within various areas of their business activities. In most instances, external auditors can help ensure objective audit results. You may have heard about an audit proposal from someone providing this capability, or you may actually offer this service. Either way, it’s easy to create an audit proposal using a simple, ready-made template to present what clients need. It also applies to any type of business, large or small.
audit proposal template
Internal audit and external audit proposals are two types of audits that an auditor usually sends out to prospective clients. However, there are different types of auditing services based on company size, industry, business need, and other factors. For example, financial audit requirements are a must for businesses in the banking or insurance sectors, while an environmental audit might be necessary for companies operating in the manufacturing industry.
The audit process is independent and usually commissioned by shareholders. This is reflected in the proposed audit proposals and provides the auditor with an assessment of the proposed audit and assurance services. If you are an auditor looking to create a custom proposal for prospective clients, feel free to use our audit proposal example as a starting point.

Why Use an Audit Proposal

An audit proposal should be as similar to developing an audit plan sample. Hence, you should make your audit proposal attractive and exciting to readers. Besides, you have to build rapport and understand what the client needs. You must understand the need for thorough and precise details of any proposed audit. An audit proposal should be drafted because it helps establish a good relationship with potential clients.

Fill has been carrying out longstanding template development for audit professionals. In addition to providing our services to companies and individual auditors, we have several other clients who have benefited from our high-quality templates. Our experience is more than just signatures and templates; we also provide outstanding assistance. We want to build genuine connections with our clients, support them beyond their needs, and this is why we stand out in our industry.

Exploring the Contents of an Audit Proposal

An audit proposal is a document that should include information on the scope of the audit, an outline of all possible risks and issues, and specific details about how the audit will be managed. It should also include the following:

  • A background or overview of your company’s services and experience in conducting audits
  • Information on any previous audits you have conducted for similar clients
  • Details on the methodologies you will use to conduct the audit, including statistical sampling and other tools and techniques
  • A description of your fees and timelines for completing the audit
  • Expressing your sincere intent to conduct the audit for the company

Details of the project

You must also present a comprehensive summary of your planned auditing activities. In these sections, you should focus on setting the overall scope of the proposed audit so that you provide the recipient with an understanding of your expectations and assurance that you comply with auditing regulations.

Qualifications and experience in auditing

The ability to list your experience as an auditor or auditing company will assist in identifying your proposal as different from the competition. Try to list in detail all key positions you held and any notable past projects related to audit services. You may also include a suitable client testimonial or case study.

Additional services

The addition of additional services is a good way to get more business out of potential customers. In addition, this is a useful way to demonstrate the added value you have as an auditor.


Pricing should remain among clients considerations in selecting an auditor. Include an estimate of audit costs. To be as transparent as possible the cost for certain audits can be explained, but this may not often be necessary.

FAQ About Audit Proposal Documents

The audit reports express the audited opinion on the true and correct status of a business entity’s processes and activities in accordance with auditing standards. The auditing firm also checks to make sure that the company is compliant.
Using global audit proposal templates can be an effective guide for making your case before a potential audit client. These template designs are easily adaptable depending on the need of a particular project. Ideally this document includes a timeline, estimates of costs and clearly relates to the business mission. You can find related templates from Fill.
Yes, it is possible to write your own audit proposal. However, you may find it easier and more effective to work with a professional template or service provider that can help you structure the document accurately and ensure that all relevant information has been included.

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