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HVAC Service Contract

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HVAC Service Contract

An HVAC service contract allows you write terms & conditions related to maintenance and repairs of your HDAC system. Before hiring an individual or company for maintaining your HDAC, you should go for an agreement.
hvac service contract template

Why is a HVAC Service Contract​ important?

Research shows that 85% of customers who smartly maintain their equipment rarely have a breakdown. If you are someone who likes to keep your HVAC equipment working at peak efficiency and rarely has breakdowns, then a scheduled maintenance plan may be right for you. And there comes the need ot an agreement.

When Do you Need A HVAC Service Contract​?

HVAC service contracts cover preventive maintenance, including labor (but not parts). They sometimes may offer priority service and discounts on parts and equipment. Though some contracts cover all the individual items covered during regular maintenance, the following are the broad reasons why you need a HVAC service contract.
increased profits

Increased profits

The biggest benefit HVAC service contracts offer your business is an increase in profitability. HVAC maintenance contracts provide a consistent flow of repair and tune-up work. They also increase your profits by converting leads and one-time service calls into repeat customers. A steady stream of repair jobs helps HVAC contractors maintain consistent revenues, and dedicated service contracts create that steady stream, according to the“HVAC Contractor Business Model” report.

keep hvac techs busy during slow seasons

Keep HVAC techs busy during slow seasons

Given the seasonality of HVAC work in most locations, it’s helpful if you can bolster your tech’s schedule during the slow season with annual or quarterly maintenance visits to increase a unit’s life expectancy, and so you know there’s enough work to keep everyone employed. Schedule out annual HVAC maintenance contract visits well in advance, during traditionally less busy heating and AC off-seasons, to keep your HVAC techs busy when service calls slow down.

more customer engagement

More customer engagement

An HVAC service contract offers your technicians more touchpoints with customers and facilitates regular face-to-face interactions with an established customer base—always a good thing for improving sales and customer loyalty. Increased face-time spent with customers means more quality time to get to know the homeowner and their HVAC systems better, along with the family’s specific comfort or health needs. That intimate knowledge and time spent relationship-building with customers will likely lead to more sales opportunities.

upsell opportunities

Upsell opportunities

Customers already rely on your service company to improve the comfort of their homes by repairing their equipment. An HVAC service contract gives your technicians additional, optimal touchpoints to offer energy assessment services and suggest upgrades such as indoor air quality solutions or more efficient air filters, to improve the home’s comfort, health or safety.

FAQ About Our HVAC Service Contract Template

 Essentially, maintenance is what you get regularly done on your vehicle to make sure it stays in fighting form. Maintenance is something that’s scheduled – like an oil change – whereas service is when you need something specific fixed or tuned up that’s outside of your regular maintenance schedule.

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