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General Construction Proposal

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General Construction Proposal

A construction proposal is used in the construction bidding process when trying to win business. It includes detailed project information, such as quotations from material providers that give an idea of how much the raw materials for the construction project will cost. There are also quotes from subcontractors for the work they’ll do in the construction project.
general construction proposal template

Why is a General Construction Proposal important?

Through a written general construction contract would be able to allocate risks to save time and money in the execution of the project. Contract is a kind of medium within which project risks are allocated and dealt with. The form of contract used for each project is critical to the potential for optimum performance and execution of the project.

What is the difference between an estimate and a proposal in consruction?

 Free estimates are generally reserved for smaller jobs that are not going to be complicated, like installing a new door, or simple repairs. A proposal is a more detailed scope of work and costs. Proposals usually do or could require a lenghthy consultation with the client to determine exactly what they are expecting.
contact information

Contact Information

The foremost thing is to mention both the client and your contact information at the top of the document. There should be fields for both parties’ addresses, phone, and emails as well as the contact person at each organization. Moreover, Fill construction proposal template has room on top to place your company logo, adding to a professional presentation.

scope of work

Scope of Work

The next part is the most crucial one for your construction proposal. You should outline the scope of work in detail. Describe the construction work that is going to be done in the project. Mention the detailing tasks, deliverables and phases. Do not forget to mention the equipment, labor and materials that will be used. You can also consider to mention the construction plan.

financial Information

Financial Information

The next section will go into the project costs & payment schedule of the job. The costs will include the materials, supplies, machinery, other equipment and, of course, labor. You’ll want to add your profit margin here. There should be a schedule of payments, how and when the client will pay you for the work you’re doing.

project schedule

Project Schedule

The construction schedule is outlined next. This will include the proposed start date for the work as well as when you forecast the job will be completed. You’ll want to add the milestones, such as when one phase ends and another begins, but other dates such as approvals, easements and permitting.

FAQ About Our General Construction Proposal Template

A construction project proposal should focus on the project’s goals and vision, key deliverables, timeframe, and ownership. Other details you can include are key risks and issues, success criteria, and reporting. Project financials should include details on the estimated budget and approximate financial impact post-completion

You can start with a brief introduction of your company and yourself. Next, provide a detailed summary of company’s background, portfolio, and the projects you’ve undertaken. The next thing is to write about the project timeline and costs. Finally, end the proposal with space for signatures to accept it.

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