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Equipment Lease Agreement

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Equipment Lease Agreement

An equipment lease agreement is done between the owner of the equipment and the individual or company who agrees to pay rent for the equipment. The agreement is done for a specified time. This agreement is structured monthly and with a start and end date.

equipment lease agreement template

Why is a Equipment Lease Agreement important?

An equipment lease agreement protects both parties from future disputes and misunderstandings. By clearly outlining the terms of the lease, both the lessor and the lessee know exactly what is expected of them. It makes it easier to resolve any issues that may arise and helps avoid unnecessary legal battles down the line.

An equipment lease agreement also provides financial flexibility that outright purchasing equipment does not. For example, a company may not have the capital to purchase expensive equipment upfront. By leasing, they can spread the cost out over a longer period of time, allowing for more financial stability.

Things Included in Our Equipment Lease Agreement Template?

We have created our equipment lease agreement template after having an extensive discussion with the experts and legal advisors. Our template includes lease term, rent amount, security deposit, late charges, delivery responsibility, repairs and maintenance.

owners lessor name

Owner's (Lessor) name

This is the business entity or an individual, who has the legal right to rent out the equipment. The name of the person or business should be mentioned here.

renters lessee name

Renter’s (Lessee) name

 This is the person or a business who is signing the agreement to use and lease the equipment. You need to attach the Lessee’s mailing address to his or her identity as well.

description of equipment

Description of equipment

This part should include the product name and serial number. Moreover, information such as the color, make, and model can be included. A basic description and any identifying alteration marks that can be used to define the equipment being leased should be included.

use a template for faster processing equipment lease agreement

Use a template for faster processing

Creating an agreement can be tricky, and a template can help you get the most crucial job done immediately. With a template, you have a guide and you can easily customize it according to your business requirements. 

FAQ About Our Equipment Lease Agreement​ Template

Some of the advantages of Equipment Leasing are :
  • Reduced Risk of Obsolescence.
  • Simple Source of Finance.
  • Desirable Over a Term Loan.
  • Tax Benefits.
  • Low Maintenance Cost.
  • You Don’t Own the Equipment.
  • No alteration in the asset.
  • You’re Paying Interest.
There’re 4 types of equipment.
  • Leases PUT or Purchase Upon Termination Lease
  • Capital Lease
  • Operating Equipment Lease
  • TRAC Lease

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