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Draft an LLC Operating Agreement for Your Company

An LLC operating agreement should outline key provisions that govern the internal operations of a limited liability company (LLC). It serves as an agreement between all members of the LLC, outlining the operational and financial rights and responsibilities of each member.
Sample LLC operating agreement format
An operating agreement for an LLC should provide relevant information such as the percentage of ownership interest other members hold in the company, initial capital contributions, management roles and responsibilities, how profits and losses will be distributed among members, and other important details.

Use this free LLC operating agreement from Fill to create a comprehensive document for your LLC. The document includes information about company assets, personal liability, distributions, taxes, and more. It also covers dispute resolution procedures, bankruptcy protection, and other matters.

Entering a Limited Liability Company Agreement

Individuals seeking control over what they manage on an operational level can invest in an LLC Operating Agreement. Generally, it is a legal document that protects the limited liability rights of the corporation in the event of an independent entity being established by law.

Despite the legal requirements of the LLC operating agreements incorporated under these documents, the company can be seen as being an individual resembling a sole proprietorship or partnership. Many banks, lenders, investors, and professional clients may request that the LLCs sign an operating agreement before opening the company’s business checking account, obtaining funding, or obtaining appropriate legal and taxable assistance.

What's in a Free LLC Operating Agreement?

This sample LLC operating template explains how to make a mutually beneficial partnership. The partners of the company have agreed upon how they will operate the LLC. Topics covered here include membership rights, allocation of profit and loss, how to handle salaries, and other financial matters.

For individual members, the company might require a unanimous agreement for some decisions especially if business decisions affect the LLC’s success. Members can request the full approval of their respective committee members on crucial matters, including:

  • Making investments such as capital contributions based on fair market value
  • Borrowing money from a lending member or external sources
  • Terminating contracts with one or more members

Releasing any company claim except for payment in full

It can also be argued that some people owe the company debt. This obligation shall be paid in full by a member of the board. In this sense, members must obtain unanimous consent to release claims with less than complete consideration.

Incurring company liabilities

Expansion can require considerable financing in large debts. The member may set a maximum amount to allow them to limit risks to the individuals involved. Upon granting the consent, the member will have to pay any incurred expenses over a fixed dollar amount.

Incurring expenses

Members may restrict the number of transactions they make without authorization. All expenditures above that amount will require the approval of all members.

The assignment of ownership rights of company property

Member may prevent unauthorized behavior involving company assets when selling, lending, mortgaging, or trading company property.

FAQ About LLC Operating Agreements

Yes, it is possible to create your own LLC operating agreement templates. We have an easy-to-fill base template available on this page. However, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney who can help ensure that all legal requirements are met and that the agreement is legally enforceable.
Yes, having an official operating agreement is always recommended, even if it is just you in the LLC. An operating agreement will help establish ownership and control of the business, set forth rules and regulations pertaining to the management of the business, and provide a legal framework to resolve disputes among old and new members.
Yes, an operating agreement is essential for a single-member LLC. It is especially important if the single member wishes to use the LLC as a way of protecting their personal assets from liabilities associated with business activities.

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