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Learn To Create A Catering Quote: Free Template

Provide your client with everything they need to know in creating an event by providing them with a catering quote. This helps them manage their budget and make the event they desire come to life.
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What Is Catering Quote?

A catering quote is a form that showcases the different costs associated with your services that vary on the client’s request. The said form would be designed in such a way that aligns with the client’s specifications or when both parties have a mutual agreement about the essentials for the event.

Components of A Catering Quote

Event specifics

This section of the form describes the basics of the event, such as its date, duration, and where the venue will be.

Guest count

The guest count is an estimated number of attendees expected to attend the event to let the caterer know how many guests they will be serving.

Menu choices

This part of the form shows a complete list of all the chosen food and drink items on the part of the client. The client has the choice to either make item selections individually or opt for the fixed menu packages.

Service format

It talks about the style of service which can be in a form of a buffet, cocktail service, or the addition of food stations.

Labor charges

Shows a list of how much the client is paying for the labor of chefs, waiters, bartenders, and other personnel.

Equipment and arrangement

This includes additional charges for essential items that would be used in the event that includes tables, seating arrangements, tablecloths, utensils, and other additional specialized equipment with likes of a chocolate fountain. 

Additional offerings

These are optional items that can be added by the client that includes event planning, decorations in the venue, and entertainment you can provide.

Tax and tips

This part shows the cost of taxes and suggested gratuity of the caterer.

Total estimated cost

Shows an estimated cost of the event in full.

Terms and conditions

Discusses all related conditions regarding the process of acquiring the service of the caterer. This includes the amount of deposit needed, the duration of payment, the cancellation policy, and other applicable terms.

It’s key to understand that a catering quote is roughly an estimate. The final cost of the event may change depending on the actual services rendered, changes in the event particulars, and unforeseen situations. It is recommended that clients carefully review the quote and communicate any questions or changes with the caterer before finalizing an agreement.

Benefits Of Using A Catering Quote

Clear communication

Provide a detailed breakdown of service to help mutual understanding with the clients.

Budget management

Guide clients to make informed decisions regarding their expenditures based on budget.

Comparative analysis

With multiple quotes from different caterers, clients can compare offerings and costs to ensure they spend their money efficiently.


Show commitment by offering transparency and quality service.

Reduction of discrepancies

A comprehensible quote is able to minimize risks of future conflicts about price and service offerings.

Legal protection

In the event that disagreements arise, a quote becomes the foundation or reference of the truth.

FAQ About Catering Quotes

A catering out organizes expenses related to the event and covers all aspects such as culinary selections, personnel costs, and equipment leasing. It also includes supplementary offerings, applicable taxes, and suggested tips.
Most catering quotes are initial approximations based on the preliminary event particulars shared. The conclusive amount may diverge due to alterations in event details, final attendee numbers, or additional specifications.
Due to variable factors like ingredient prices and equipment accessibility, catering quotes often come with a specified validity. Clients should either refer to the quote’s expiry date or seek clarification from the catering entity.
Trustworthy catering entities aim for cost transparency in their quotes. Nonetheless, it’s advisable for clients to inquire about all potential costs to preclude unexpected charges.

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