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What Is A Boat Bill of Sale Form?

A boat bill of sale is a document used to record the change of ownership of a watercraft. A boat bill of sale may be used for any motorized or non-motorized vessel and is required in most jurisdictions in order to register after purchase.

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What Should be Included?

A perfect agreement should include the boat details, manufacturing year, the owner / seller’s details, the buyer’s details, purchase price and the location where the agreement will be executed.
decide what youre selling

Decide what You’re Selling

You can create a boat bill of sale agreement for selling any of your water vehicles, like a boat, ship, yacht, or anything similar. So, first, make sure to create the agreement as per your vehicle type.

how much is your boat worth

How Much is Your Boat Worth?

This is the most crucial part of the agreement. If you don’t decide the right price of your boat, either the buyers won’t be interested in your boat at all or you’ll end of losing money by selling it at a cheaper price.

listing the boat for sale

Listing the Boat for Sale

There are several listing websites available out there, which allow listing boats. You can choose one at your convenience and list your boat there.

presenting the boat to buyers

Presenting the Boat to Buyers

Once buyers will contact you to see your boat, you should show them your boat in a professional way, preferably through an experienced sales person.

FAQ About Our Boat Bill of Sale Template

You should mention the names, ID information (if required), and contact details for both parties (the buyer and the seller). The next important thing is to mention the boat’s information, including VIN, make, model, year, and registration number. The price of the boat. Conditions of the sale, including any warranties or “as is” status.

A boat bill of sale contract can be terminated when a party breaches the agreement and / or when both the parties mutually agree to terminate the contract. Make sure to get your terminal clause checked by a lawyer to ensure that other party won’t bother you in the future for terminating the contract.

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