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Form 8820 – Orphan Drug Credit 2018

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Discover the benefits of the Orphan Drug Credit and how Form 8820 can help you claim it. Learn the use cases of Form 8820 and how to file it with the IRS. Get answers to your frequently asked questions about this tax form.
form 8820 orphan drug credit template
Form 8820, also known as the Orphan Drug Credit form, is used by entities to claim the credit for qualified clinical testing expenses incurred in the development of orphan drugs. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides this credit to encourage the research and development of drugs for rare diseases.
Using Fill’s free editable template makes it easy to complete and submit the form, increasing the likelihood of a successful credit claim. Explore this page today to access the template and start claiming the orphan drug credit.

The Purpose of Form 8820

The orphan drug credit is a tax incentive that can significantly reduce the cost of developing new treatments for rare diseases. By completing Form 8820 and submitting it to the IRS, entities can claim the credit and offset some of their research costs.

Using FillHQ’s free editable template for Form 8820 simplifies the process of completing and submitting this important tax document. Access the template in PDF format, and save time and effort in claiming the orphan drug credit.

Use Cases of Form 8820: Orphan Drug Credit

Form 8820 should be used when an entity incurs qualified clinical testing expenses related to the development of orphan drugs. This form allows organizations to claim the orphan drug credit, which is a tax incentive aimed at encouraging the research and development of drugs for rare diseases.

Entities should file Form 8820 along with their federal tax forms by the due date, including any extensions. By completing and submitting this form, organizations can offset some of their research costs and support the development of treatments for rare conditions.

Easy Access to the Form

The Fill template for Form 8820 is available as an electronic resource, making it easy to access and download. No need to search for reproducible copies of the form – simply click any of the links on this page to get started.

Customizable Format

The template is available for download in PDF format upon completion, but we allow you to edit and complete the form digitally. This eliminates the need for manual entry and reduces the chance of errors in your submission.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Fill provides clear instructions for completing Form 8820, helping you navigate the form line by line. This ensures that you provide all necessary information and increases the likelihood of a successful credit claim.

Secure Submission Process

We take security seriously, offering a safe and secure platform for submitting your completed Form 8820 to the IRS. Rest assured that your sensitive information is protected throughout the submission process.

FAQ About Form 8820 Orphan Drug Credit

Entities that incur qualified clinical testing expenses in the development of orphan drugs can claim the orphan drug credit. This includes pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and other research organizations.
To figure the amount of your orphan drug credit, complete Form 8820 according to the instructions provided. You’ll need to enter information about your qualified clinical testing expenses and apply the applicable reduced credit percentage. The resulting figure is the amount of credit you can claim.
Form 8820 should be filed with your federal tax forms by the due date, including any extensions. If you’re unsure about the deadline, consult the IRS website or contact the Internal Revenue Service for guidance.
Yes, you can amend a previously submitted Form 8820 by completing a new form with the corrected information. Be sure to include a statement explaining the reason for the amendment and attach any required supporting documentation. Then, submit the amended form to the appropriate IRS address.

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