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Form 8611 – Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit 2022

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Your Essential Guide to Form 8611: Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit

Navigating the world of tax credits can be daunting, but we’re here to make it easier for you. This resource is designed to provide you with all the information you need to understand and complete Form 8611 or the Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit, ensuring that you remain compliant with IRS regulations and maximize your tax benefits.
form 8611 recapture of low income housing credit template
The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program plays a critical role in providing affordable housing to low-income families and individuals across the United States. However, certain events and circumstances may require recapturing some or all of the previously claimed tax credits. That’s where Form 8611 comes into play, allowing taxpayers to report and calculate any recapture amounts to the Internal Revenue Service (IRD) together with their tax return.
Keep reading to understand the ins and outs of Form 8611, how to complete it correctly, and the everyday use cases associated with credit recapture. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a solid grasp of the form’s purpose, requirements, and potential benefits for your tax situation.

Purpose of Form 8611

Form 8611 serves as a reporting tool for taxpayers who need to recapture a portion or all of the low-income housing credit they previously claimed. This may be required when specific events or changes in circumstances occur that disqualify a property from the LIHTC program, such as noncompliance with the program’s requirements, a reduction in the qualified basis of the building, or the sale of the property.

By submitting Form 8611, taxpayers can calculate the amount of tax credit that needs to be recaptured and added back to their tax liability. This ensures that only qualified low-income building projects and properties continue to receive tax benefits, maintaining the integrity of the LIHTC program and safeguarding its purpose to provide low-income housing options for those in need.

When Form 8611 Becomes Applicable

Discover when to use Form 8611, the essential tax document to recapture decreases in credits for low-income housing projects. Learn how this form comes into play in various situations, ensuring you remain compliant with IRS regulations while making the most of available tax benefits.

Noncompliance with LIHTC requirements: If a property fails to comply with the low-income housing requirements set forth by the LIHTC program within a reasonable period, the owner may need to recapture the tax credits previously claimed.

Reduction in qualified basis: If the qualified basis decreased for a low-income building, this might result in the recapture of some or all of the tax credits.

Sale of the property: When a property that has claimed low-income housing tax credits is sold, the owner may need to recapture the credits if the building no longer meets the program’s eligibility criteria.

Change in applicable fraction: If the applicable fraction for a property changed in a given tax year, resulting in a lower percentage of low-income units, Form 8611 may be required to recapture the excess tax credits.


The Fill template streamlines the process of completing Form 8611, making it quicker and more efficient.


With built-in calculations and error-checking, the Fill template minimizes the risk of mistakes that could lead to noncompliance or missed tax benefits.


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Detailed instructions and guidance are included in this copy of the IRS form, helping you accurately complete Form 8611 and better understand the process.

FAQ About Form 8611: Low-Income Housing Credit Recapture

Form 8611 is required when a taxpayer needs to recapture some or all of the low-income housing tax credits previously claimed due to noncompliance with the LIHTC program requirements, a reduction in the qualified basis of the building, the sale of the property, or a change in the applicable fraction for the property.
Form 8611 provides a step-by-step guide to calculate the recapture amount based on the specific circumstances that led to the need for recapture. The form takes into account factors such as the original tax credit amount, any changes in the qualified basis, and the number of years the credit was claimed (credit period).
Failing to file Form 8611 when required can result in penalties, interest charges, and the disallowance of previously claimed low-income housing tax credits. It’s crucial to file this form in a timely manner to maintain compliance with IRS regulations and avoid potential negative consequences.

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