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Form 6765 – Credit for Increasing Research Activities 2020

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Take Advantage of the Research and Development Tax Credit with Form 6765

Form 6765 is a tax form used to calculate the credit for increasing research activities and claiming the federal Research & Development Tax Credit. Also known as the R&D Tax Credit Form, it is one of a handful of IRS forms used when people, businesses, or other entities want to be rewarded for conducting these kinds of activities through tax credits.

R D Tax Credit Form 6765 helps taxpayers identify how much qualifying expenses in R&D they can claim upon submitting their employment tax return. In addition, this IRS form helps eligible small businesses accurately calculate and document any credits due to them and submit that information for review.

Knowing how to complete this form correctly is essential if you want to ensure your business can claim payroll tax credit for increasing research activities. is claiming all eligible deductions when it comes time to file taxes. By utilizing resources like Fill’s Form 6765, you can get a better understanding of this form and make sure your business is taking full advantage of the R&D tax credit.

Information about R&D Tax Credit Form 6765

Claiming a research credit generally isn’t a simple task, so it is important to understand each step for calculating and claiming qualified research expenses.

Form 6765 outlines how to correctly calculate the amount of research expenses that can be claimed, as well as other essential information such as general definitions and requirements for claiming the credit.

The form also includes instructions on properly documenting research expenses, which is a key step in claiming credit. Additionally, other important documents must be submitted to demonstrate eligibility for the credit, such as invoices, average annual gross receipts, bills of sale, and contracts.

See if Your Expenses Qualify Under Form 6765

Businesses must meet certain criteria to qualify for the R&D tax credit. The IRS states that research intended to discover technical and practical information with the goal of developing or improving a business component may qualify for general business credit.

Further details may be required, but R&D expenses must:

  • Be specific and defined, with research adapting to a customer need
  • Eliminate uncertainty about the project
  • Document how a new or improved function is achieved using a scientific method
  • Involve biotechnology, engineering, or chemistry

Note that in some sections, there is an option to elect to take a reduced credit to simplify filing. You may also apply the credit against your payroll tax liability.

Form 6765 is divided into four sections that explain how to claim the research tax credit. These sections are detailed below.

Section A - Regular Credit

Section A of Form 6765 provides taxpayers with guidance on how to figure out their regular credit amount and determine which types of qualified expenditures are eligible for a tax credit.

Section B - Alternative Simplified Credit

Section B helps taxpayers figure out their alternative simplified credit amount if that is more beneficial for them than the regular credit outlined in Section A.

Section C - Current Year Credit

Section C provides instructions on how to compute the current year’s R&D tax credit based on all qualifying expenditures during the same year. This section also includes information regarding filing requirements.

Section D - Qualified Small Business Payroll Tax Election and Payroll Tax Credit

Section D of Form 6765 explains how qualified small businesses can take advantage of both an election and payroll tax credits when filing taxes. This section outlines what qualifies as an eligible small business as well as specific requirements related to making this election and taking advantage of the payroll tax credit.

FAQ About Form 6765

Form 6765 is an IRS form used to calculate the credit for increasing research activities and claiming the federal Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit. It contains information about expenses that qualify for R&D deductions, as well as how to accurately calculate any appropriate credits due.
On average, 6% to 8% of a business’s annual qualifying R&D expenses can be utilized directly as credits towards reducing its federal income tax liability. In addition, the credit can be used to offset payroll taxes or offset income tax liability.
Qualified expenses that may be claimed with Form 6765 include wages for employees who execute research activities, supplies used in research, and any contracted services related to conducting experiments. Additionally, certain types of software or computer-related costs are eligible for a tax credit if they are used exclusively in conducting experimental development or research activities.

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