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Form 4506-T – Request for Transcript of Tax Return 2021

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Use Form 4506-T to Request a Transcript of Your Tax Return from the IRS

This 4506-T form is the transcript of your tax returns for a certain year. Often, this form is needed if someone is applying for a loan or mortgage because it allows a lender to verify the borrower’s ability to repay a loan. Additionally, you may need to submit a copy of your tax return if you are applying for financial aid or social security benefits.
form 4506 t request for transcript of tax return template

Get a Transcript of Tax Return

Also called a Request for Transcript of Tax Return, this is an IRS form that allows you to request a transcript of your tax returns for a specific year. This includes the most recent tax return data, including income and deductions.

Suppose you need to submit a copy of your tax return for loan or mortgage applications, college or university financial aid applications, or social security benefits. In that case, you will likely need to fill out IRS Form 4506-T.

This form allows you to request a transcript of your tax return from the IRS, which contains all of the information from your tax return for a specific year.

To complete this form and request a transcript of your return, you will need to provide some basic information, including your name and address, your social security number or employer identification number, and the tax year for which you are requesting a return transcript.

You will also need to enter details about any tax returns that have been filed on your behalf, such as if you were claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.

Contents of a Request for Transcript of Tax Return

There are several pieces of information required when submitting a request for tax transcripts. In the first few lines, you will be asked for basic info such as the name shown on the tax return, the social security number on the tax return (or individual taxpayer identification number or employer identification number).

If it is a joint return, you will be required to enter your spouse’s name and their social security, TIN, or EIN details. You will also be asked to provide a residential address and a previous address shown on the last return filed if it is a different address from the one you provided, and finally, your customer file number.

You may request any of the below transcripts by checking a box next to each item on the form:

  • Tax Return Transcript
  • Tax Account Transcript
  • Record of Account Transcript
  • Wage and Income Transcript
  • Verification of Nonfiling Letter

Tax Return Transcript

This includes most of the line items of a tax return as filed with the IRS. It includes all of the information on your tax return, including wages, income, deductions, exemptions, and credits. Note that it does not reflect changes made to the account after your taxes are processed.

Tax Account Transcript

This transcript provides details about the financial status of the account associated with your tax return, including previous payments. It also shows any adjustments made by the IRS after processing your return, such as due to an audit or error correction.

Record of Account

This transcript includes all of the details from your account history that are available electronically, including information about estimated taxes. In other words, it combines your return transcript and account transcript in one.

Verification of Nonfiling

If you didn’t file a return for a year, the Verification of Nonfiling can serve as proof that you did not file taxes. This is typically only requested when applying for financial aid or other government benefits.

FAQ About the Form 4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return

This IRS form is used by lenders and other financial institutions to obtain a transcript of your tax return information. This can be used as part of the application process for a loan or mortgage, or to verify income information for other purposes.
Anyone who needs access to their tax return information for purposes such as loan or mortgage applications, financial aid, or social security benefits may use the return requisition form by just following basic instructions. Additionally, anyone who needs a copy of their tax return for their own records may also use this sample document.
Get a fillable copy of this form by clicking one of the links on this page or by downloading it directly from the IRS website. You can fill it out and submit it online, or print a hard copy to be sent by mail to the office that covers the area of the country you’re in. If you need any assistance completing the form or have questions about its use, you can contact an IRS representative for help.
Yes, you can fill out this IRS form online using an electronic version of the document. There are fillable versions you can download and online form versions that you can complete and submit electronically. These are helpful for tax preparation or income verification.
The processing time for this form will vary depending on the reason for requesting it and your filing status. You can typically expect to receive your transcript within 10 days of submitting your request.

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