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Free Customizable Accounting Contract Template

This contract is used as a means of defining the scope and payment terms for work to be done. Signed by both the parties, the client and the accountant, this essential document can help each party to set expectations and reduce the risk of disagreements in the future.
accounting contract

Why Do You Need An Accounting Contract?

Upon completing your Accounting Contract with the help of our template, you will have the ability to get to it at any time and place. You can easily edit, make a copy, print, save it as a Word document or PDF file, and/or sign it with Fill. Alongside each Accounting Contract, there will be a set of helpful tips on what you can do next. You should ensure that your client has their copy of your final contract.

When Do you Need An Accounting Contract?

Regardless of the type of work you plan to do, you should always consider making an accounting contract. In the agreement you should mention the length of the engagement. This will help both parties understand the scope of their responsibilities. Because of an agreement, neither party is confused about fees charged. For any reason, if you and your client might experience difficulty getting paid, unexpected changes, unmet standards of quality, unclear timelines,   and, not to mention, almost no ability to make demands when problems arise, then the agreement will protect you legally.
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Add Contact Details of both parties

The basic contact information of the accountant as well as the client should be mentioned. The details should include name, address, phone number, and email ID.

commission agreement template

Fees structure

Mention how much you will charge for your services, and how the payment should be given to you in what interval.

commission agreement template

Duration of the contract

Whether the work will be ongoing or if it will last for a set period of time.

commission agreement template

Score of the work

What work you will be performing once hired (for example, preparation of journals and ledgers, financial statements, or tax returns)

FAQ About Our Accounting Contract Template?

We all want every client project to run smoothly. However, it’s not always the case. Sometimes you get an unreasonable client or, even worse, a lawsuit. A contract protects you against those situations and gives you a reference document to be accountable to. So while it’s not a requirement to have an accounting contract, it’s a good idea to have one.

We acknowledge that you may need to adjust your accounting contract depending on the needs of your clients. That’s why we’ve made our template available in Word so you can make changes as needed. However, if you intend to make significant modifications, we advise you to consult with a lawyer for compliance.

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