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Electronic signatures have proved to be a useful tool for organizations to verify documents online. As more and more companies are shifting to digital, knowing how to make an electronic signature has become more of a necessity than a convenience.

Document verification is an essential part of any new partnership, from sending proposals and bids to signing contracts. That’s why having a tool that allows you to create electronic signatures is a must in any industry.

It’s a good thing that creating an eSignature is easy with the right tools. Learn how you can use eSignature software to generate one for you in a matter of minutes.

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What Are Electronic Signatures?

Simply put, an electronic signature or eSignature is the digital alternative to the traditional wet signature. It serves the same purpose as a handwritten signature, which is to officially approve or agree with a document. The big difference is that eSignatures allow you to do this online.

Take note that the signatory needs to have access to a soft copy of the document, which can be sent via email or electronic fax. It can then be signed using various devices from wherever and whenever they deem convenient. 

Why Should You Use eSignature Services?

While it is possible to make eSignatures without having dedicated software, this approach is impractical for office settings that require you to sign a ton of documents in a day. Aside from the sheer volume of paperwork, you need to have consistent eSignatures on all pages.

This is where eSignature services like Fill come in with features that cater to the needs of offices. Compared to scanning a handwritten signature or drawing one with a digital pen, using Fill is the easiest way to make an electronic signature.

Businesses using eSignature services provide their employees with the requisite tools that make it easy for them to store documents in the cloud and pull them out conveniently when needed. You no longer have to worry about skipped pages or missing signatures when you process documents online.

Fill works both ways, which means that you can sign the documents and also request signatures from others. The platform provides an interactive field on the documents where they can sign their approval.

The days of moving from one place to another and waiting hours for an appointment to meet up and get documents signed are behind you with Fill’s eSignature services. 

How to Create an Electronic Signature With Fill 

Here are three simple steps that will guide you in the process of making an electronic signature. You only need to do this once, as Fill will store your eSignature for you. You can then use this signature for all your official electronic documents.

Step 1: Sign up for Fill’s eSignature services

Make sure you provide all the required information. You can choose from different subscription options that are all reasonably priced and offer practical features. Don’t worry if you’re currently on a limited budget. You can avail of Fill’s free plan for now and upgrade later.

Step 2: Explore Fill’s user-friendly interface

It is pretty easy to navigate. All the steps are highlighted, including the process for creating your electronic signature. Select your preferences on the home screen to create a signature. There are plenty of options to choose from, which we will look at in detail in the next step.

Step 3: Draw or type in your signature

Next, you will have the option to either draw your signature with a mouse or to type in a sequence of letters that can also be combined with numbers. This will be used as your electronic signature for all documents signed with Fill. Once you are satisfied with the signature you have drawn or typed, you can proceed to save it for later use.

You have now successfully created an eSignature with Fill! As we’ve mentioned, you can apply this to any online document you want with a simple click of a button. 

How to Sign Documents Online With an eSignature

Now that you have an eSignature, let’s discover how you can affix it to a digital document on the Fill platform.

Step 1: Log in to your Fill account

Each user has a unique account where you can store and access your online signature.

Step 2: Upload the document that you need to sign online

If you have already uploaded all the files, then you can move on to search for the one you need to sign from Fill’s cloud storage.

Step 3: Open the document and sign away

Make sure that each page has the correct information. If you are satisfied with the details, you can proceed to sign the document with the click of a button. Simply drag your signature to the desired position on the document and then apply it.

What Are the Advantages of Using Electronic Signatures?

eSignatures come with a plethora of benefits that you can reap for yourself as well as your workplace. Here’s what you can expect when you use an eSignature generator:

Get Work Done Faster 

After considering both the digital and the traditional way of signing documents, we can clearly see why the online method is much faster. This means that you can meet deadlines for important contracts with less effort.

Using eSignatures can mean the difference between winning a profitable bid or losing out to the competition.

Improve Document Security

Hard copies of vital documents require careful handling and proper storage. If they fall into the wrong hands, they make you vulnerable to corporate espionage or fraud.

Fill takes a digitally encrypted approach that requires identity verification to gain access to the documents stored on its system. They won’t get lost since they are in the cloud. Plus, they are not susceptible to damage or theft.

Help Reduce Costs

Signing documents the traditional way can be expensive, especially for an office that deals with tons of paperwork daily. They need to process, scan, print, mail, and store everything. With Fill’s eSignature services, you can cut back on these costs by moving everything online.  


Electronic signatures are the preferred method of signing documents these days, for good reason. The promise of optimized workflows, heightened security, and more savings is certainly attractive for any business.

Hopefully, the knowledge that we have provided on how to make an electronic signature will prove to be beneficial for your business. Take advantage of this amazing technology. Sign up for Fill today.

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