How to Get Documents Signed Faster: A 3-Step Guide

how to get documents signed faster

Time is of the essence when it comes to business, especially when you’re dealing with urgent proposals and contracts. It’s critical to get these documents signed fast so that you can avoid losing out on valuable deals. Unsigned documents could also mean failure to establish legality, especially for those seeking project approvals within a strict deadline.

Thankfully, there are ways to get paperwork authenticated quickly and without any hassle. The key to getting your documents signed on time is to switch to electronic document signing. Doing so eliminates the need to print contracts on paper and sign them by hand.

Find out how to get documents signed faster with this quick guide.

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How to get documents signed faster

What Is the Easiest Way to Sign Documents?

Simply put, the most efficient way to get your documents signed is to use an electronic signature app or software. By signing documents online, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of printing on paper or scanning pages one by one. 

An electronic signature app enables you to automate document signing and process agreements faster. It is also more location-independent than traditional document signing since the signatories do not need to meet in person. Instead, they can sign documents remotely, provided they have a stable internet connection.

Besides, using a digital signature is far more secure as it uses advanced encryption to prevent tampering and fraud. That’s why using esignatures is becoming a common practice in the financial, legal, and medical fields.

Here are three important things that you need to do to expedite document signing:

1. Verify all the details

Before sending a request to get your documents signed, double-check each and every detail. Your paperwork needs to include accurate dates, figures, names, and so on. This helps you avoid going back and forth to correct errors that could easily be avoided.

Furthermore, you need to discuss the contents of the documents with all parties involved. Make sure that they’ve fully understood the meaning or intent of the document. This way, you can minimize the possibility of receiving unsigned agreements and unfilled forms.

2. Set clear deadlines

By setting deadlines, you are communicating that the document will only be valid and acceptable as long as it gets signed within the specified timeframe. You can hold signatories accountable for failing to return a duly signed document on time. 

A deadline also helps create a sense of urgency, prompting your signatories to prioritize your signature request. Remember, people tend to put off or forget tasks that do not seem urgent. It also helps to remind signatories about unsigned documents after a certain number of days have passed.

3. Use a reliable electronic signature app 

Using a reliable electronic signature app for online document signing will save you a great deal of time, money, and effort. Apps like Fill can simplify your document-signing process so you don’t have to do everything manually. Fill makes it easy to request digital signatures from signees just by sharing a link.

What makes Fill even more distinctive is its ability to track the progress made with your document in real time. You will get notified as soon as a signatory opens and signs your document.

There’s no need to worry about your document getting tampered with or falsified. Fill’s enterprise-grade encryption prevents anyone from modifying your document once it’s signed. 

Also, our app makes it easy for you to tell if someone has made any changes to your document without your permission. You can verify your document’s authenticity by comparing it with your original file.

Fill will also provide you with a detailed log showing every authorized transaction together with your signer’s IP address and location.

With Fill, you can get your paperwork done and legally signed in the fastest way possible.  

How to get documents signed faster using Fill

Why You Need to Use an Electronic Signature App

With esignature apps, you can get your documents, such as contracts and sales order forms, signed faster. It also minimizes errors since there’s no need to file each document manually. You also don’t need to sign and stamp each file by hand.

Most importantly, there’s no need for your signers to be physically present during the signing process. They can sign the documents remotely. You also get to view and download the signed copy from your mobile device.

Learning how to get documents signed faster enables you to get ahead in your career or chosen business endeavor. It allows you to stay on top of your tasks and improve your document workflow by switching to a secure and seamless digital signing solution.

How to Pick the Best Document-Signing App

When you search the market for a document signing app, you’ll surely encounter a plethora of choices. How can you ensure that you pick a reliable app that is most suited for your needs and preferences? 

You need to choose a document-signing app that you can rely on, especially if you intend to use it to sign legal documents and medical forms.  It should also provide you with multiple ways to esign and annotate documents without needing to use a separate tool. 

With digital signature apps like Fill, you’ll no longer have to seek ways to speed up your document-signing process. You can even use Fill to request signatures and sign documents on the go.

Kent Cañas

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