Nasuni vs. CTERA

Finding the ideal storage service can be challenging. Both Nasuni and CTERA provide secure storage solutions in their own ways. Nasuni protects your data with encryption, no matter if it’s moving or not. On the other hand, CTERA’s standout feature is its strong SQL protection and recovery tools.

Comparing Nasuni and CTERA

Collaboration Tools Integration with Existing Systems Compliance Standards Cost
Nasuni Advanced Utilizes APIs, SDKs and its own CLI SOC 2 Type 1, CSA STAR Level 2, HIPAA, and more Operates a pay-as-you-go model
CTERA Basic Google Cloud Platform and Bare Metal Cloud solutions GDPR Contact support for custom pricing
Nasuni vs. CTERA

Nasuni vs. CTERA: Features and Functions

Nasuni vs. CTERA

Storage Capacity

If we compare CTERA vs. Nasuni in terms of storage space, both do a good job but in different ways. Nasuni stands out because it uses cloud technology to provide unlimited storage. It means businesses using Nasuni never have to worry about running out of storage.

In contrast, CTERA’s approach is more adaptable. It smoothly works with other storage providers like Google Cloud Platform. It lets you choose your favorite cloud storage, providing more freedom and command over your data. Whereas Nasuni emphasizes scalability, CTERA places importance on flexible storage solutions.


In our Nasuni vs. CTERA comparison, both provide robust security measures. Nasuni uses encryption to keep your data safe when sending and storing. It has a strong security system that helps to keep unwanted access out.

CTERA also showcases robust security features like SQL Protection, confirming its capacity to guard and recover data securely. Moreover, its cloud service integrates security options that automate and safeguard key business transfers.

Nasuni vs. CTERA
Nasuni vs. CTERA

Access Control and User Permissions

Comparing Nasuni vs. CTERA’s control over access and user permissions, we can see distinct features. Both give strong tools for admins to control user access, but each has a unique approach to this crucial aspect.

Nasuni uses a system that lets you flexibly manage storage. You can control who has access, from individual users to entire departments. It makes Nasuni an excellent choice for businesses that need detailed permission settings.

As an alternative to Nasuni, CTERA uses a more straightforward method. It provides strong controls but simplifies access management, making it accessible for administrators without deep tech expertise. Despite its simplicity, CTERA’s permissions do not sacrifice security, as they are designed with thorough protection in mind.

Collaboration Tools

Nasuni uses a particular storage system that makes data sharing and teamwork easier. This system lets teams work together with shared files, regardless of their location. It benefits the construction, media, and design sectors, where big, intricate files are common and need quick access.

CTERA focuses significantly on enhancing collaboration through its federated management system. It allows users to have smooth access and file sharing in various locations. Its platform has an on-the-spot file-locking feature that allows only one user to modify a file anytime. It helps avoid confusion between different file versions when a team is working on a project concurrently.

Nasuni vs. CTERA
Nasuni vs. CTERA

Compliance Standards

Nasuni’s strong focus on security and compliance is evident from its notable certifications. These include SOC 2 Type 1, CSA STAR Level 2, and HIPAA audits. Also, Nasuni has the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, proving its commitment to fighting threats and securing client data.

CTERA is also appropriately certified and compliant with required regulations. Primarily, CTERA follows rigorous GDPR guidelines, ensuring your data is secure in the EU. Also, thanks to CTERA’s Hybrid Cloud solution, you have full control over your data, which is crucial for businesses with strict compliance demands.

Integration with Existing Systems

As an alternative to CTERA, Nasuni stands out for its easy-to-use Unified Software-Defined Storage platform. The cloud-based system’s versatility makes it compatible with many existing infrastructures. With its user-friendly tools like APIs, SDKs, and its own CLI, Nasuni simplifies file storage and workflows across your business.

CTERA, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing and securing necessary business transfers. This means they ensure your business continues to run smoothly while maintaining high-level security. Their way of managing storage grids within the company is very efficient. Plus, they offer custom adaptations through their APIs, allowing for great flexibility.

CTERA’s new collaboration with Google Cloud Platform provides more integration options, which is particularly useful for those using Google’s cloud services and tools. CTERA’s expanded variety, with spanning cloud apps, further bolsters these integration possibilities. Additionally, the Bare Metal Cloud solutions powered by Intel Xeon Scalable Processors enhance these possibilities even more.

Nasuni vs. CTERA
Nasuni vs. CTERA


As a CTERA alternative, Nasuni offers a flexible and scalable pricing structure. It’s aimed at large businesses and uses a subscription model that allows you to pay more as your demand grows.

This service offers extra safety against ransomware, teamwork tools, and distant access options. The contracts usually last three years. Users think the cost is fair and economical, especially for remote site setups.

On-site caching hardware, such as the NF-400 and NF-200 models, provides different support levels and cache capabilities. Their price ranges from $4,000 to $17,500.

If you’re considering using CTERA’s services, they recommend reaching out to discuss costs and what they can offer. It implies that CTERA customizes its prices based on your business’s specific needs, such as deployment size and required features.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

The Nasuni Mobile app effortlessly accesses views and shares cloud-stored files from anywhere. So, even if you leave an important document on your office computer, you can still access it through the app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and offers a user-friendly experience.

CTERA also offers mobile access, but it focuses heavily on data sovereignty. It ensures that the data stored in its cloud service complies with worldwide data privacy laws and isn’t accidentally sent across borders. It respects different regional and national data privacy laws.

It means your data is strictly stored, processed, and accessed in specific locations as needed.

Nasuni vs. CTERA

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