Enterprise Document Management Systems: Top Tools and Solutions

Enterprise Document Management System

Large organizations often struggle with the large volumes of information that they must store and organize. Using enterprise document management solutions helps them ensure easy and secure access to these documents.

Here are the top solutions you should consider for your company.

What Is an Enterprise Document Management System?

Enterprise document management solutions (EDMS) help organizations manage, store, and track electronic documents. Large organizations often use EDMS to streamline their document-handling processes. Imagine the huge volume of scanned images and other digital files these companies have to process and store daily. This volume is impossible to support without an enterprise DMS. 

EDMS systems categorize documents and create central storage systems so it’s easier to organize and retrieve information. These documents can be anything from employee records to business contracts. Using EDMS solutions also ensures organizations comply with legal and regulatory standards, which are mostly focused on the privacy and security of sensitive information.

Enterprise Document Management System

Best Enterprise Document Management System Solutions

1. Revver

Revver has been in the industry for over 20 years and has proven itself as a formidable enterprise document management system software. Their features have evolved from just a simple document storage solution to supporting fully automated document-dependent work. 

They now offer comprehensive automation of your document workflow so you can automate storage, organization, data extraction, security, and access controls of all your document systems. This leads to a highly secure yet seamless system that can accelerate your business processes. 

As an enterprise software, they’ll offer you a customized quote for your specific needs. They work with various industries, including accounting firms, property management, and lenders. They also offer extra features like integrated digital signing and automated routing.

2. DocuWare

DocuWare is committed to helping clients manage critical information with their secure and comprehensive enterprise document management tools. They have document scanners that can capture documents and automatically extract key data fields. 

You can design workflows using their tool to enforce business rules, including monitoring the status of any document. Their central repository makes it easy to retrieve documents and share them with another team member instantly. You can access information using any device anywhere with their browser-based client and mobile apps.

Finally, they employ the best-in-class encryption to ensure bulletproof security of your documents. You can control user access rights and enjoy multi-tier backups for preparedness in any scenario. You can also deploy their system in the cloud or on-premises with your own data center. 

3. FileHold

FileHold designed its EDMS software to help organizations who lack internet IT resources implement secure document management processes. They use Microsoft Azure cloud environment, which guarantees 99% or greater availability and a secure electronic environment. You can get a top-notch enterprise-grade secure solution without a hefty investment in the infrastructure.

FileHold requires at least 5 users to deploy its software, which can be scaled to support thousands of users and millions of documents. You’d only pay for the number of users and optional features you need. These features include hosting, backup, upgrades, document scanning, workflow set-up, library design, and consulting. 

Since FileHold uses Microsoft Azure, you can also be certain that it’s GDPR-ready and follows all the regulatory requirements designed to protect your information’s privacy. Transmitted and at-rest data are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, and there are detailed audit trails to mitigate any security breach.

4. Dokkio

Dokkio is a cloud-based enterprise document management software that’s great for cross-platform and real-time document collaboration. If your team already uses Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, and Slack, you can use Dokkio’s interface to organize all of your online files.

Dokkio will automatically categorize shared files using tags that fit the document’s context and contents. It can identify whether documents contain images, mention people or places, or are related to other files and projects. Dokkio uses AI to accomplish all of these so you don’t have to resort to manual processes. With this feature, you can achieve an organized 360-degree view of your company’s files.

You can also use Dokkio to compile research materials since it offers a feature where you can capture and tag web content automatically. You can make sense of this accumulated content using an organized content library, which you can also share with others.

5. MasterControl

Companies operating in highly regulated industries know how crucial it is to have a compliant enterprise document management system that follows the rules and safeguards them from violations. MasterControl was built to ensure document quality and compliance, helping these companies follow quality standards for digital documents.

The system is always audit-ready since documents are contained in a centralized and easily searchable location. There’s a time-stamped audit trail, so you know who accessed each document and what was done with it. It also offers reporting and electronic signatures that are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, which requires electronic documents to be treated the same way as paper records.

MasterControl also offers an API Toolkit so you can also enjoy robust integrations with other enterprise systems like an ERP, CRM, PDM, MES, and other industry-specific solutions. 

Choosing the Right Enterprise Document Management Software

To find the best EDMS software for your organization, ensure that it has the following key features:

  • Document classification lets users use metadata fields to categorize documents.
  • Keyword search makes it easier to find content within the system.
  • Document viewing gives you an image of the document so you can see it without additional software.
  • Document editing and sharing allows you to create, edit, and share documents.
  • Version control provides access to the changes made by other users and an option to restore older versions.
  • Document workflows are helpful for approvals since administrators can determine how documents move across the organization.
  • Security and audit protect documents from unauthorized access and data breach.
  • Compliance management ensures your system meets regulatory requirements.

Be organized and efficient with EDMS Systems

Using an enterprise document management solution ensures your organization can optimize business processes while mitigating the risks of regulatory non-compliance. Vetted systems, like the ones featured above, have proven their effectiveness and commitment to security so can safely implement them in your organizations.

Andria Pacina

Andria is a seasoned content writer, specializing in document management solutions and HIPAA compliance, providing valuable insights for businesses and professionals alike.

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