Why You Need a Cursive Signature Generator for Your Business

Digitization has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, including how we authenticate legal documents. In fact, signing online documents has become an accepted and common practice worldwide, thanks to the rise of hybrid work and online transactions.

But does your business truly need the ability to produce esignatures? Find out why it’s vital for your business to follow this practice and use a cursive signature generator.


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What Is a Digital Cursive Signature Generator?

But first, let’s define some terms. As its name implies, a digital cursive signature is designed to resemble handwriting where the letters are linked. But why use cursive instead of block text?

Cursive handwriting may seem like a lost art in the age of texting and typing. But when it comes to signatures, it is still the gold standard for authenticity. Handwritten signatures are almost always in cursive since these can be written quickly without lifting the pen from the page.

A cursive signature generator is a tool that allows you to create and affix this digital version of your signature. Think of it as a computerized stamp in the form of your actual signature. However, some tools create e-signatures that look as bland and generic as typewritten text.

Why Is a Cursive Signature Generator Necessary?

Cursive signature generators and similar internet tools have now become essential for individuals and businesses. Let’s delve into why your business should consider signing documents electronically:


Dozens of countries now have laws that allow the use of online signatures as a legally binding form of authentication. Take note that the level of acceptance may vary from country to country. The US and other European nations have accepted esignatures for over two decades.


A digitally generated cursive signature is more legible than handwriting. In addition, electronically signed documents can be encrypted. This makes you less susceptible to fraudulent acts, which is a must when it comes to signing important documents. 


Having an online cursive signature maker allows you more personalization. You can customize your esignature according to your taste and style it any way you want to.


Instead of printing and signing documents by hand, you can affix your digital signature with just a few clicks. Electronic signatures have proven to be a great way to optimize day-to-day workflow and make businesses more productive. 


It’s also great for the environment, as utilizing online signatures is one step closer to having a paperless office.

If you’re convinced, let’s take a look at a handy way to produce cursive esignatures: Fill.

How to Use the Cursive Signature Maker From Fill

There are several ways to generate an online cursive signature. The first involves scanning or taking a picture of your handwritten signature, then uploading it as an image. This is time-consuming, so it is more suitable for one-time use. Imagine doing this for hundreds of pages. 

Another option requires you to draw your digital signature using a mouse or a stylus pen over the soft copy of the document. Lastly, you can type in your name and choose a font that is as close to your handwriting as possible.

However, these methods may compromise your esignature’s authenticity and consistency. While an image is the closest to your actual signature, it can look blurred on some devices or degrade over time. Generic fonts are easy to replicate, so using them can put you at risk of fraud.

A better way is to subscribe to an esignature service provider like Fill. Instead of a plain computer-generated sign, this cursive signature maker allows you to choose from several handwritten fonts or manually sign using a digital pen. Then, you can proceed to sign as many documents as you want with the same digital signature.

Generating a usable esignature with Fill is super easy, thanks to its intuitive interface.

  • Once you log in to your account, you will be provided with a digital canvas where you can draw your cursive signature.
  • You just need to click a button to put your signature into any document you want for all your future transactions. There’s no need to recreate the signature every time you sign electronically.

It’s that simple to sign documents online with Fill.

Qualities of an Effective Cursive eSignature 

There are certain standards that one should follow to make sure that you are making most of Fill and getting a signature that suits your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you create an effective and impressive cursive esignature. 


Consistency is one of the things that determine a good signature. If your esignature is inconsistent, it can be marked as suspicious by a legal or administrative body. Good thing Fill allows you to use the esignature you created again and again. This way, you can recreate your online cursive signature easily if the need arises. 


Your signature should be precise so that every stroke is distinguishable and detectable by the naked eye. This is an important aspect of any signature, as it allows viewers to discern the quality of an individual’s signature. A fuzzy signature can be hard to recognize or replicate.  


This is the quality that made handwritten signatures a must for legal documents. Since a person’s penmanship is unique, handwritten signatures are required for verification. Cursive is considered more distinct than block text because of the way it is written. 

As much as possible, make sure that your digital signature is one of a kind. We recommend you get a little creative with your use of cursive so that your esignature is different from the rest.


Signing documents is one task that has become easier with technology. Say goodbye to reams of paperwork and hours of signing them by hand. Now’s the time to take full advantage of what technology has to offer. Create a standout online cursive signature with a free Fill account today.

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