15 Reasons Your Construction Company Needs eSignature

There is a lot that goes into the field of construction work than what meets the eye. Construction companies are working endlessly towards their pursuit of acquiring as many work contracts as possible to ensure that they are continuously moving forward when it comes to building their brand and securing their place in this competitive business. Workers in a construction company are constantly creating RFIs, making proposals, preparing quotes and purchase orders to make sure they secure the best deals for the company and for that to happen it is imperative to make sure they are provided with the necessary resources for maximum efficiency.

eSignatures can be of a lot of help in this context. eSignature services have recently gotten a lot of recognition for how it has been revolutionizing the nature of office work. Preparing, storing and signing necessary documents are some of the things that eSignature services make significantly easier for workers to handle. eSignature is a digital alternative for the traditional wet signature which was the most recognized way to get documents verified by signers. But eSignature services extend much beyond this to facilitate office work and make the office hours more productive and rewarding. Let us take a thorough look at how it works and how it can prove to be the best thing you can incorporate in your office setting.

eSignature is the digital way of signing documents and approving them. Traditionally, signatures were done on printed documents with the help of a pen and that has been the way for many years now. But nowadays the pace at which things are getting done is increasing very rapidly and this calls for new and more advanced ways of doing things to match that speed. eSignatures provide a faster, safer and more efficient option for signing and handling paperwork. It has led businesses to save up a lot of time and effort to get the job done and have a more fulfilling experience at the workplace.

It is very easy to use eSignatures for anyone who has some basic knowledge about handling smartphones or computers and is familiar with the way the internet works. There are many eSignature service providers that are available these days who are offering platforms for your business to use eSignatures for handling various kinds of office work and documentation which may or may not require signatures to be acquired by certain individuals. One way of using eSignatures is to simply log in to the eSignature platform they are acquiring the service from and access the documents which need to be signed from the cloud storage they provide. They can also simply type in their names in their devices and the eSignature service provider will come up with signature templates for the signer to choose from. The signer can then proceed to choose the template that resembles their wet signature the most. Numeric or alphanumeric codes can also be used as eSignatures depending on the preference of the signer.

However, the best thing about eSignature services is that they are not limited to the function of signing and are much faster in their scope of use. Let’s see what are some of the extra facilities that come with the use of eSignature services:

Cloud Storage

eSignature services provide cloud storage for businesses who acquire their services where all the necessary documents can be stored and accessed online. Cloud storage provides an organized storage facility where documents are easy to find, mitigating the need to go through enormous piles whenever you require an important piece of document.

Digitally Encrypted

eSignature services provide greater safety to the stored documents through digital encryption. The safety of documents is now ensured as digitally encrypted documents can only be accessed by authorized individuals. Misplacing and mishandling documents will easily become a thing of the past with the use of eSignatures.

Keep Easier Track Of Work

eSignature services also provide the provision viewing the status of documents and whether they have been accessed and signed by the concerned individuals. This tool can be highly effective when one is tracking the amount of work that is being done and also get a proper idea of what needs to be taken care of immediately.

Construction companies can reap many benefits by incorporating eSignature services in their work. A lot of aspects can be efficiently improved with the help of eSignature and other facilities that these services provide. Let us take a closer look at how this is applicable.

  1. Templates

eSignature services provide the necessary tools to create templates for contracts and agreements. As we know that the construction business is getting very competitive lately, it may serve well for companies to be prepared for whatever comes their way. By keeping templates for construction contracts ready, they can make sure that they are one step ahead of their competition. One simply needs to alter the variables that are subjective to each contract and the contract is ready to sign.

  1. Greater Expansion With Remote Access To Documents

Every business tries to seize every opportunity to expand its influence and reach in the market and the same goes for construction companies. eSignature services are very convenient when it comes to expanding your business. With the facility of remote access to documents that need to be signed and approved, companies can opt for securing contracts that require approval from clients who may not be at an easily accessible distance.

  1. Easier Purchasing Experience

Construction businesses require a lot of purchasing on the part of companies to get the necessary raw materials required in the field. Suppliers are approached by construction companies with purchase orders that are authorized by the signatures of concerned officials. Purchase orders can be created and shared through eSignature service and can be signed by the concerned individuals remotely from any place they please. This will significantly lessen the time that is required for purchase orders to be placed and fulfilled.

These are some of the many benefits that construction companies can reap from the use of eSignature services. One may easily understand how its use can drastically increase speed and efficiency in the workplace which will further lead to growth in business. Make sure you are doing the best you can to get ahead in the construction business and are using all the modern tools to give you the much-needed edge in the competition.

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