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Property Management Agreement

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Property Management Agreement

When it comes to managing your rental properties, no one is better than a property manager. An experienced property manager can be trusted and you focus on your other businesses with peace of mind. However, you should understand there’s a risk involved for you as a landlord to hand over the keys of your most expensive asset to someone else. Therefore an agreement is critical for you to secure your property and your rental business. Without a formal contract in place, you’re vulnerable to the other party and you’ll be at risk of losing money.
Property Management Agreement Template

When Do you Need A Property Management Agreement?

Usually a property management agreement is required for these situations : advertising leases, screening tenant applications, doing property inspections, manage tenant and landlord disputes and organize property maintenance.
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Mention Responsibilities

On your contract agreement template, the principal duties & responsibilities as a property manager are listed for potential clients to review

commission agreement template

Research the property

Make sure to thoroughly inspect and research the property so you have an accurate idea of how much you’ll be charging for your services

commission agreement template

Listing Representation

Remember, your listing presentation is your moment to impress your clients & ultimately win the business

commission agreement template

Use a template for faster processing

Creating an agreement can be tricky, and a template can help you get the most crucial job done in a jiffy.

FAQ About Our Property Management Agreement Template

One of the parties can terminate a property management agreement when:

  1. The lease’s end has been reached, and the landlord decides not to rent the property anymore.
  2. Any of the parties breaches the conditions of the agreement.
  3. When a property is not rented within a defined period from the agreement was signed.

Property management contracts usually last as long as the property is being rented. Standard leases range anywhere between 3-24 months for residential properties. However, after fixed-term tenancies, it’s normal for tenants to go on month-to-month agreements, which can go on for many more months and years.

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