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What Is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract agreement is a crucial legal document that outlines project terms, work scope, payment milestones, and deadlines. It is imperative for all parties involved to agree upon this agreement before commencing any construction work. To create your own agreement swiftly, check out our templates. Ensure a smooth construction process with a legally binding contract.
construction contract template

Why Is a Construction Contract Important?

Usually, a lot of money is invested in any construction project, which brings a lot of risk for the investor. A written contract is needed to allocate risks to save time and money in the execution of the project.
Contracts are the medium through which both parties can save themselves from future problems.  The agreement used for each project is critical to the potential for the best performance and execution of the project.

When Do You Need a Construction Contract?

Start working on a contract after securing a verbal agreement with the contractor. Ensure legal protection with a lawyer’s advice. Get started with construction work promptly under a comprehensive agreement. Maximize your project’s success with a watertight contract.
owner and general contractor

Owner and General Contractor

Specify party details for property owners and contractors. Get your project started with confidence and efficiency.

description of work

Description of Work

For better clarity, you can consider attaching project plans and specifications to the agreement.

materials and labor

Materials and labor

Eliminate confusion by clearly stating which party is responsible for supplying and covering the cost of materials and labor.

starting and completion dates

Starting and completion dates

Set clear expectations by specifying the contractor’s start date and the deadline for substantial completion. 

FAQs About Our Construction Contract Template

Mostly all construction project job comes with some risk because they are costly and time-consuming. Any significant construction work involves a lot of complexities, from managing dangerous equipment to managing labor, and to manage everything efficiently, you need a legally binding contract.

Yes, of course. Editing our template is very easy. Although it has been created with general construction in mind, you’re advised to edit the template per your project need. You should consult a legal expert to proofread the contract before signing.

First, you should mention the termination clause in your contract. If, for any reason, you need to cancel the contract like how the payment will be processed, it must be mentioned in the contract.

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